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  3. Thanks! That's helpful. They're transitioning existing Cozy customers over to apartments.com sometime this year - so the website says. Hopefully it's a smooth transition!
  4. Buildium requires you to purchase 50units at about 100$-150$ a month as a minimum *posted from fb private group.
  5. I’ve used Buildium before and it’s more of an enterprise software, appropriate for a larger number of units. I currently have 8 doors and Cozy works well for me. I don’t rely on it for advertising though. It’s free for basic rent collection and the applicant pays for screening services directly to them. *posted from FB private group
  6. Does anybody have experience with Apartments.com as a listing/vacancy management website? They've absorbed Cozy and I'm not sure if I should try that or look further into Buildium or something along those lines. I feel like apartments.com has a pretty wide reach. I need something to quickly list and process vacancies rather than doing each step individually. Thanks! *posted from FB group
  7. The next podcast is out for your review. The theme - The market is whatever the market is. We can put our blood, sweat, and tears into a property and it not do anything differently. In order to play the rental game, you must understand the market trends in order to make a profit. I review many different trends, stats, and how to's in this segment. https://www.buzzsprout.com/680183/7303285-the-market-doesn-t-care-about-your-feelings
  8. We recently purchased a 27 unit complex. We are considering bringing on an on-site handyman /manager that can keep an eye on the property and conduct a base level of simple maintenance/repair and show units. We are thinking of giving them a unit or discounted unit as comp. Anyone have experience with this worth sharing?
  9. While doing mold inspection, i can call them to come home.
  10. Cat Pee Smells like Money Recording.mp4
  11. Yeah that's about what I thought. They are gone and I'm working on repairing the damages already.Thsnk you!
  12. The 30 day notice on the 20th is not a proper 30 day notice because it was not given on the 1st which I am assuming was their rental due date. They are not going to pay you no matter what you do. Give 7 day eviction notice for non payment of rent. Get rid of them then clean the unit and rerent the it.
  13. I had a tenant move out without notice mid month. I am not the owner I just help manage the place for them. She said she left because of bf issues. He was living with her but was never on the lease. Her name was on the lease, month to month, He said he would have rent to cover but never did and gave a text notice on the 20th for 30 days. Neither party ever paid now wants a prorated rent for 20 days for the current month. I'm not obligated to prorate her rent, correct? I believe she is responsible for the full month. Correct?
  14. I had a great tenant until I put the house on the market. Now he is complaining that he doesn't have full use of the place and wants a reduced rent. This is after 2 showings and one request for an evening showing. I'm giving him 48 hours notice minimum for showing appointments, which is more than I'm required. What are his rights and my rights in this?
  15. I'm putting my rental on the market. My tenant is giving me a hard time about interior pictures, because he doesn't want his belongings posted all over the internet. Selling a house requires pictures of the inside, and it's going to be a difficult enough sale. Does he have the right to deny these pictures being used?
  16. Watch KTUU news tonight at 5PM and 6PM when our very own TLA member Ben Persinger (a landlord and business owner of a construction company) and I (real property management) did an interview on what's happening with landlords during COVID. Thanks for doing all landlords doing the surveys, we used them to help give a voice with landlords. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Property-owners-taking-a-big-hit-during-the-pandemic-571034961.html?fbclid=IwAR1cG3zI97JcjT8O7Q60ZnEZ0Ax_is0yXd4wOVLLDKjVODwsmTCvBV7h2UY
  17. 📣 Just posted!!! 🥳Landlord’s Conversation Podcast E:20 - Let's have a conversation about expectations vs reality around reserves for a property. with our very own special guest, Patrick Dailey. Many landlords misunderstand, misapply, and miscalculate reserves 🤷‍♀️causing themselves to get into a financial bind. So listen in to avoid costly mistakes. https://www.buzzsprout.com/680183
  18. Are there any "hold harmless agreements" that help landlords?

  19. until
    In what world does cat pee smell like money? To a savvy investor who is looking to make their next purchase, cat pee-soaked carpets won’t necessarily be a deterrent but instead a negotiation tactic. We know major structural repairs are going to eat into the cash flow but buying a property with good bones that meets your goals, aside from needing a face lift, can be an excellent purchase strategy. We know this is often discussed and most investors take this route, and unfortunately for some, the outcome isn’t what they hoped it would be. Even with the best intentions, the mismatched o
  20. if i'm a landlord and not a business do I need to still issue 1099misc to repairment, exterminators, handymen to whom i've paid over $600?

  21. is that for landlords or property managers?
  22. Come join in on the conversation for the next hour https://webinar.ringcentral.com/webinar/register/8815867352199/WN_hxmTbTXtReSoOMwi2v4uWQ
  23. @Kara Federal - Is federal backed properties. State - Watching SB 241 about restrictions that would apply...might be signed at any moment. Basically a tenants says "they are hurt" and you can't evict. Then Superier court - Says no evictions till after 5/30.
  24. Hello Everyone! With the Covid-19 situation, there have been federal and state eviction suspensions put in place. I am trying to figure out if the eviction suspension applies to private landlords with conventional mortgages that do NOT accept vouchers of any sort. Do you know? I can tell that it applies to HUD and Alaska Housing, and that the Alaska court system is not holding hearings. But can I give an eviction notice for non-payment of rent? *Hopefully I wont need to do this, but just wanting to clarify the rules for planning purposes. I am just a regular person with very limited bandw
  25. Everyone, Please do at least 1 email, but we need three - Mayor, House, and Senate Email your stories / Email how tenants will hurt landlords when no evictions are allowed / Email everyone you can - TODAY. I know it is confusing what is happening at the Senate and House. Basically, both sides are proposing a plan (HB 315 & SB 242) and trying to get something agreed upon quickly. Who ever's plan gets approved first - wins. However, the courts have made their decision that they will not even listen to any FED (eviction) cases for a long while. Yesterday, the Senate was a
  26. As soon as you pay service providing vendors $600.00, you are required by tax law to give the vendor a Form 1099-MISC or Form 1099-NEC. See IRS Publication “Instructions” for 2020. BEFORE making a first payment to a service providing vendor, get their Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification from them. This provides the information that’s reported on Form 1099.
  27. Aside from asking my tenant to please close windows when they are not in the unit in the winter months what can I do? The heat in our building is natural gas and we (landlords) pay it. we have seen a increase in our bill due to the tenant leaving the thermostat up and windows open. We have asked repeatedly for them to close their windows, not just one window but multiple windows. Even in the weeks when we had negative temps in Jan. the windows were left open over night and throughout the day. As a landlord what other options do I have?
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