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  3. The CDC Eviction Moratorium has been extended from March 31, 2021 to June 30, 2021. On the attached document, see page 6, 12, 13, and 17. The text of the extension order can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/pdf/CDC-Eviction-Moratorium-03292021.pdf
  4. we tried to contact our previous tenants military supervisor and was told they no longer deal with civil stuff
  5. he is a disgrace for the service
  6. I plan to regardless of how this pans out. He was super rude to myself and my PM. And his wife continues to be rude via text and email.
  7. Contact his chain of command. You will get it situated in a timely manner.
  8. If all fails contact his sergeant, they dont like that
  9. This is the first E-mail I sent them after they sent a bunch of rude texts to me. "Thank you for informing me of the exchange that took place between you and my Property Manager. I have given her a call to discuss the details of the conversation that she was instructed to have with you regarding the move-out process, as Aren and I are increasingly busy this time of year and wanted her to take over more of the day to day duties. Regardless, please know that property managers are often involved in the management of properties everywhere, even small locally owned properties, like ours and th
  10. At this point, 31 May is pretty close. I’d simply ignore the previous letter from them and continue to expect rent. Rack up late fees if necessary. Since they never provided proof of either PCS or deployment, they’re still liable until they move out AND you’ve re-rented the unit, up until the end of their lease — whichever comes first. Don’t play their game or get upset. Just let this play out and then keep their deposit to cover the accrued costs.
  11. So 10-days to be out starting now? I believe* I may have said somewhere that they'd have until March 31st (because they already paid march rent) IF they couldn't give me another date. However, they've continued to be rude in our exchanges and now I'm just over. I don't necessarily want to go back on my word though and now give them an eviction notice with less time to be out than I originally said (which was the 31st), because if it goes to court, I don't think a judge would like to see that I "changed my mind" and gave them less time.
  12. Do you have anything in writing from them stating that they would be out by the 5th? If so, I’d start with a 10 day notice to quit and then begin eviction proceedings. But I’m sure there are others on here who are better versed in this than I am.
  13. Ok please bare with me and all advice is appreciated. My tenants have been the worst and i'm wondering how to proceed. Backstory: Couple has been living in one of my 3-bedrooms in a 4-plex since December. They signed a 6-month lease, ending on May 31st 2021. On February 3rd, the gentleman texted me saying he was giving me 30-day notice to vacate because he had orders to re-locate to Texas (military). I thanked him and reminded him of the expectation to provide a copy of his official orders, so that he was not penalized for breaking the lease early. I also clarified with him at that point
  14. I know of 2 LLs (theyre not on here) that started out in MV but moved onto brighter horizons within 2 years. One "will never own a rental property ever again"; the other, considers it a "had to start somewhere" type deal.
  15. I manage properties for another company in Mountain View. I also have my own properties that I manage. I personally would never buy in mountain view. I’ve been managing properties in Mountain View for several years so if you want to talk about it just send me a message.
  16. Mountain View landlords.....any words of wisdom in considering a property in that area? Are you happy with your investment?
  17. Simple ask him for his first shirts contact information. If it is a finance issue then you talking to his chain of command should get faster results. If he's making things up and won't give you the contact info then do little digging, finding what unit he is with is easy with only a a name, he could have his unit in his social media also. When I was a young airman living in Italy finance messed my BAH up for 3 months and I was paying rent from my base pay which it took both paychecks in the month to get rent paid in full but I was in constant contact with my landlord and I ended up taking
  18. if you simply ask him and he's got an honest story to back him up then he will give it to you freely. If he makes excuses or drags his feet about getting you that simple contact info that every member should already have on them at all times then you have your answer with the first concern. Worst case you can always stop at the visitors center near the front gate with his lease/any other personal info he has provided for both Elmendorf or Fort Rich depending on his branch and ask the customer service desk for said info.
  19. Do you know how I can get his first sergeants contact info? He is an inherited tenant so I don’t think I have his detailed employment information.
  20. Back in the day, but not so long ago that things haven't changed, we had an allotment taken out of my husbands pay that went straight towards rent. When our rent increased, I had to pay the difference for almost a year because finance just never got it right changing the amount. Its plausable.
  21. Agree 100% been there done that and the finance office will look at you like you have gone crazy. I would call Army finance and ask them if they can confirm or deny because you are getting ready to serve eviction notice. Then I would also call his command. If his story is right then having his commander light some fire under finances butt will help your renter. If not then you have your answer.
  22. f the rent is being paid to the landlord as an automatic deduction out of their paycheck, it can absolutely involve finance. I have military tenants and my husband is Alaska Guard - military. The finance office can definitely be involved and their wheels do NOT turn quickly or efficiently. That being said, I would definitely push the issue. He needs to be invested enough to be hassling finance about fixing the issue. If you're not pushing him, he's not pushing them and they'll never fix it. So definitely pursue the issue but just know that it's not impossible to have finance involved and
  23. Sounds fishy to me. I’d give him a date to have your money and if he doesn’t do what you have to do. Three months is way too long . If it’s true which I doubt, he can get an emergency loan thru the military .
  24. It’s BS. He doesn’t transfer anything into your name. He receives Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) once a month. It is deposited into whatever account he’s setup for his base pay to be deposited right along with other allocations. Unfortunately it’s not like the old days where you could get their First Shirt involved and they square it up. I’d evict ASAP. I dealt with an Army couple that was terrible. Still my worst tenants to date.
  25. We bought a four Plex on November 6th. Very nice military guy lives in one of the units. His November rent was already received by the sellers and transferred to us during the sale. Then in December, he said that the “finance office” had difficulty with transferring things to our name so we didn’t get December‘s rent until January 26th. I was patient because I felt like it was a likely story. He told me they still haven’t figured things out when I asked him about January‘s rent halfway through January. Then in February he said he was just going to “double up” and pay for January and Febru
  26. Sharing for those interested: Understanding Assisted Living Homes from 12 to 1pm 3/17/21 Join our speaker, Craig Baxter from Assisted Living Licensing to discuss int the in's and outs of what guardians should be aware of if they have a loved one in an ALH. http://asaga.info/calendar-of-events/
  27. I'm excited for this group! We did some AHFC training & providing feedback today to prep and help landlords and tenants with rent and utility relief. In meantime, have your tenant apply here: https://www.alaskahousingrelief.org/ DEADLINE MARCH 5!! Already 15,000 on the list.
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