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  4. You don’t have to wait for them to find a place to move to before you give the eviction notice. It sounds like they have broken the lease multiple times, so you could send them a 30 day notice without issues, even if they are on a long-term lease.
  5. Did you know - 80% of our tenants pay online? Real Property Management has a management package where we can process your rents for you (online, dropbox, in-person)? Call 290.2022
  6. Cindy Dillard 602.368.3588 cindy@tsfe.biz might be a good option for you.
  7. Hey All, I’m in need of a local Anchorage area CPA. I have just a few rentals and do flips on the side. I’m looking for someone who would be a good fit for my current setup. Let me know if you have any good recommendations. Thanks!
  8. Posted on Facebook Christy Estrada Conversation Starter · 2 hrs So I got a rental reference request for my current tenants. No notice is given, but I want them out sooooo bad was just waiting for nicer weather so I could clean out unit. They are nasty.hoaders and having issues with them from the start. Parking drama, dog poop drama, paying on time, etc... Just all around problem tenants. I filled out the form honestly, but I am torn on hitting send. If I am honest they probably will not rent to them. I need them out ugh... I hate this. I don't wish these tenants on anyone.
  9. Posted on Facebook Crystal Menice is looking for recommendations. January 17 at 4:07 PM Does anyone have a recommendation for a good plumber in Anchorage?
  10. Posted on Facebook Ruth Meyer McClain @Ruth McClain January 25 at 3:51 PM Any Landlords or managers in the Wasilla area have a recommendation on who/how to have water well tested for minerals,,etc. thanks. I think there are some do it yourself labs etc or is it best just to hire a well water co to come do it.
  11. Post from Facebook Kim Mattison January 23 at 9:05 PM In y'alls opinion. Does not having a dishwasher make a big difference in rental value and quality of renter?
  12. Post from the Facebook forum: Audrey Scott 22 hrs What is the dollar limit that I have to 1099 a contractor??
  13. Posting from the facebook group: Crystal Menice Does anyone have a recommendation for a good plumber in Anchorage?
  14. Posting from the facebook group: Ashley wilson Are we legally able to serve a notice to quit to a tenant due to continued confrontations with and her inability to control her 3 and a half year old? He walks on the tops of the washers and dryers, we’ve found popcorn kernels in multiple washers, he’s pulled dryers off of their vents causing us to have to refund money to other tenants as well as repair them. Yesterday I found his boot prints on all six dryers. We need her out!!!!
  15. SBH

    Tenant's Paint job

    Behr Marquee works amazing. If it doesn't cover it then they will replace the paint for free because they guarantee one coat covered. They have their reps at Home depot regularly to help. I always use it.
  16. A handyman in town (TPS) posted this picture of a paint job done by a tenant. They found the painted wall when they were doing the eviction walkthrough. Tenant did have some paint skills, but bet it is a bugger to paint over! Sherwin Williams did a training class and they said they had a special paint to cover the bold colors. I would try that.
  17. @Victor Peluso Says Just go in person and visit and introduce yourself to make sure they know who the rent check goes to. If you're former property managers are shady they might try continuing to collect the rent.
  18. @Greg VT I also need coffee before I say to much
  19. Hmm...interesting. If it was something I'd be dealing with, and the management company was local to me (or even, come to think of it, in another state), I'd be making a very personal visit to their office for a very personal discussion on this. More than likely that would be followed up with a certified letter explaining some things to them, possibly followed up by an interesting letter from my lawyer. I suppose there is a possibility that your tenant has signed some paperwork with the management company, and within that paperwork is some clause that they will not disclose personal information to anyone. In any case, main thing is you need to notify the management company of the termination of your relationship with them. If they're a shady operation, do it in writing and in some kind of legal notification - like a certified letter. If it's a serious issue with them, have your lawyer send them a letter terminating your business relationship. Then again, I haven't had enough coffee this morning, I'm not a legal expert, and my opinions are worth what you paid for them, LOL. Good luck with this, I'd be interested in hearing the outcome. Not to mention who the management company is.
  20. Dan

    Solid lease resource

    Thanks! Looking forward to next Meetup
  21. Posted from the Facebook Private Group. This club has many members on the Facebook & Website Forum or members are on both platforms. I share posts between them to help with members choices on the platform they wish to use. Emily Jones December , 2019 at 10:05 PM Just had a tennant ask if the 3rd person on the lease can be removed. They are having issues with each other. Person 1 and 2 are a couple and want to stay. And person 3 wants to leave as well as 1 and 2 wanting them to leave. Do I just have them all sign a termination of the lease and have 1 and 2 re sign the lease? Just want to make sure I’m not missing something!
  22. Posted on the Facebook Private Group Page: FYI Landlords are in Facebook, Website Forum, or both. Patricia Malone-Roberts shared her first post. New Member · January 1 at 6:22 PM Looking for advice....I have been using a property manager for the last year and a half, however I just terminated my contract with them because they’ve been nothing but a nightmare from day 1 😕. I’m going to take over managing my rental house myself and wanted to contact my Tenant to let them know what’s going on. The official terminating date for the property managers is the middle of this month but my property managers refuse to give me my tenants phone number or email address and told me it was illegal for them to give me any information about my tenants. Can anyone tell me if that is true? It doesn’t sound true to me and my property managers have bean known to lie. I looked through my contract with them and the AK landlord tenant laws and couldn’t find anything that said it was illegal for a property manager to give the owner of a property the tenants information. The only thing I know about my tenant is their name and of course address. I know the property managers have not told my tenant about them being fired and I don’t want my tenant to be blindsided by this change, so I sent a letter to them letting them know what’s happening. Is there anything else I can do?
  23. @Greg VT I 100% agree to make sure a lawyer does a quick check over times...laws change. Example alaska landlord tenant law changed in 2014 that made big changes on the lease and money things for landlords.
  24. @Dan Google, and Forums will help generate ideas for a lease document. Just know you have the "lease" then you have the addendums to the lease. Example is Pet or Lead base paint or house/parking/community rules. You can also purchase the lease and documents needed in the store. This will save you a lot of time and it has been tested in court. It has the bed bug clause and more in it. All money generated on this website pays directly to the club and keeps classes and forums going. There isn't any profit in this club adventure So purchases help keep the club free and alive. TLA website / Store / Pre-Lease / Alaska Lease
  25. Dan

    Solid lease resource

    Thanks for the reply sir. Don't blame you for wanting to get out of there! I ended up taking the lease I inherited and just modified it quite a bit. I believe the previous owner obtained this lease from Weidner as she used to work for them but there was a lot in there that wasn't applicable.
  26. The lease documents I've done are usually sourced from the 'net, with some additions that I'll add in myself. With that being said, I have only a little bit of knowledge about Alaska specific rental/lease issues, which is why I'm on this forum. My experience is from forty years of running rental properties in Southern California, always single family homes. I've recently escaped from that hellhole and I'm looking at getting back into the landlord business up here now. When the laws down there would go through a large change, or multiple laws would start popping up - rent control issues and such, I'd often have a lawyer take a quick look over the lease documents to see if I'd missed anything. That would usually happen every few years, and it was pretty rare that I'd have to add some clause or missed information into the document. Anyway, good luck with it, I'm sure it'll work out.
  27. until
    Did your new tenants seem nice? This is the most common statement we hear when a tenant is now not paying and you are facing an eviction. Let's take a step back and take the time to talk in detail both the importance of tenant screening as well as share the techniques we use as professionals in the industry. To RSVP: Hosted by: Real Property Management Last Frontier
  28. Amanda Mallar

    Get it Rented

    Facing an upcoming vacancy? Ever had a unit on the market and had to wait weeks for a qualified tenant? When a tenant goes searching for a new place to live, most go online and search for their ideal amenities. After only a few simple clicks, they will be welcomed with many options to choose from. Your professionalism when it pertains to clean photography, neatly drafted ad content and clear schedule for showings will be helpful to keep you ahead of your competition! This free event will be led by the professionals at Real Property Management Last Frontier who have managed to lower their vacancy rate to an industry low of 2.4%! They will guide you from getting your property on market to a qualified tenant at the leasing table. The professionals with leasing experience will share their processes to assist you in your next vacancy. This event books out each year, so RSVP and come early to reserve a seat. Guests welcome. To RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/The-Landlords-Almanac/events/267435222/ Hosted by: Real Property Management Last Frontier - 810 N. St. Ste. 305 Anchorage, AK 99501
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