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  2. Thoughts πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ How you spend vs how I spend our time and money is different. That's what makes America great is the freedom to choose. Daily I choose to work late into the night to invest my time and I put as much money as I can into investing in the business. This is why we are a 500 rental company and one of the largest in the area. This is why I know the company will hit the goal of being over 750 very soon.

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  4. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    How to give end lease notice

    @Victor Sometimes money talks and doing incentives ensures they do what we want them to do. Great find on the rules
  5. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    They pay whenever

    You are to funny!!! Thanks for the vote lol
  6. Victor

    They pay whenever

    Hire Kassandra and her team to get them tenants on a schedule paying rent. Vic
  7. Victor

    How to give end lease notice

    I am glad this topic came up as I am in a similar situation in not planning to renew the lease with my current tenant of the owner occupied duplex I just purchased. I am currently updating my side with plans to update the renter side when the tenant's lease ends. So I looked up some things and here is what I found. AS 34.03.290(b) The landlord or the tenant may terminate a month to month tenancy by a written notice given to the other at least 30 days before the rental due date specified in the notice. http://www.akleg.gov/basis/statutes.asp#34.03 Found this in PUB-30 Published by the Alaska Court System: A 30-day written notice is required when the landlord wishes to terminate a month-to-month tenancy for general reasons.This notice must be delivered 30 days before the rental due date specified in the notice as the termination date. Notices of Termination of Tenancy (also called β€œNotices to Quit”) from the landlord must be served on the tenant by: - delivering the notice in person to the tenant or occupant; - leaving the notice at the dwelling when the tenant is absent from the premises; or - sending the notice by registered or certified mail It appears text is not a viable means of communicating your intent to not renew the lease. I agree with Matt Miller that more notice than 30 days is probably better to reduce stress in planning for a move. I don't think you should worry about your tenants retaliating by damaging your rental or not paying rent until it happens. Then there would be other legal avenues to pursue if that happens. In my case I may offer full refund of the deposit and $500 if they are willing to leave sooner than lease end date and there are is no major damage left behind. I am planning to rehab to dirty carpets and dented bedroom doors are not an issue with me. Vic
  8. Realtor Matt Miller

    How to give end lease notice

    More notice the better and a Friendly reminder they will still need to pay the last months rent. Maybe ask them how much notice they need. Sounds like decent tenants.
  9. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    How to give end lease notice

    Megan Asked - "Need advice! We are planning to switch our long term rental to a short term rental and I’m worried about telling my tenants. Young couple, they moved in last April when we moved out and I think they hoped to stay there for a while. It’s a pretty good deal and in a wonderful location (which is why we want to STR it). The tenants have been great for the past 10 months, but did have one late payment this month. They communicated with me ahead of time that it would be a couple days late, but it does make me a little worried about their future payments. The lease ends April 30th. I want to tell them that we will not be renewing the lease without ruffling feathers so they don’t mistreat the house or stop paying rent. I was thinking I about telling them after they pay next months rent on the 1st so they have 60 days to look. Any advice on how or when to tell them? We usually communicate via text- is it ok to tell them this via text?"
  10. Just saying - Brendon Burchard - Live. Love. Matter. Has a great wellness series right now!!. This is perfect for those that care deeply about mental wellness and want to think differently and just at a higher level! Thanks brendon for the videos and podcast! Always have me thinking. #brendonburchard #mentalhealth

  11. Real Estate Licensee -raise your hand.πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ who's done more than a few air B&B transactions?

  12. Erik Boltman and I are dorks. While having our teeth cleaned we are talking rentals.

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  14. I was working with a landlord today and thought I would share the thought. "What most forget in the landlording business is that solving a situation normally boils down to your people skills to make something happen....and education around the rules so you can play the game ;) ......meaning people skills typically is the first utalized tool and education are the rules to the game" ..................any thoughts from the group?

  15. "A business matures when it realize consistency out weighs the magic pill changes" - me.

  16. Realtor Matt Miller

    Pro rate rent due to no heat?

    I would MAYBE do a small rent reduction, but probably not. I think that as long as I take all the necessary steps I am fulfilling my side of the deal. Now I could definitely see a rent reduction if I asked them to use a honey bucket when the toilet is broke and we are waiting on parts.
  17. KristaH

    Pro rate rent due to no heat?

    Personal opinion would be to at least consider what they are asking and think about it. If they have been overall pretty good tenants in terms of communication, paying on time, taking care of the unit, understanding/patient during this particular repair (or any repairs) and are the type of people you would like to keep around longer...then it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea. You may not be able to give what they are asking but could probably find a happy middle ground. On the other hand, if they are generally a pain overall as tenants (late/no payments, fussy/demanding, not the type of tenants you want to keep around long term...), then it might not be worth it for you to consider.
  18. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Pro rate rent due to no heat?

    Private post How would you respond to a tenant wanting their rent prorated for not having heat (they had space heaters and we offered more) for 16 days. This is a situation where i was dealing directly with the home warranty company.
  19. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    They pay whenever

    TLA member asked in private I just took over a property full of residents paying rent whenever they want. Any tips on collections? TIA
  20. I find great joy in helping other landlords in my community grow into a profitable landlord! Share the club with others! #LandlordLife

  21. BIG πŸ€” thought - People scroll social 🀳 and get in their head about what others are doing and they forget to scroll their own images πŸ‘€ on their phone to remember your story is even more amazing to watch than those on social.πŸ’• Find joy in your world.

  22. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    What color should your outlet cover be?

    Red button!!
  23. I hear people daily struggling with this concept. We listen and compete and measure based on what others say or think- when we should listen to ourselves and measure you..and only you. It is amazing how much you'll grow when you finally can do this. How much light will enter your life when your eyes open.

  24. Ben Persinger

    What color should your outlet cover be?

    Unless you want to go with your standard white option these are my next go-toos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  25. Ben Persinger

    Termination of Lease - Question

    @Kassandra RPM Alaskathanks for the follow up. I agree with your suggestions and that is the path I took with it. Peace of mind that I got all the water damage and that there is not some nasty moldiculture project taking off in one of my units is totally worth it. Also huge shout out to Warren and Sons for helping with the flood and dry out operation and subsequent restreching of my carpets.
  26. Ben Persinger

    Another HUD fine.

    @Kassandra RPM Alaska I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
  27. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Service animal laws updated in UT

    Bill to make lying about emotional support animals a misdemeanor passes in Utah House | Deseret News https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900052871/bill-to-make-lying-about-service-support-animals-a-misdemeanor-passes-in-utah-house.html
  28. Some wake up at 4AM. Some stay up till 4am. Either way lots of hours clocked in. LoL

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