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    • Hi big red. This is Dalton from Sav-On flooring. My wife and I set up Sav-On flooring specifically to cater to landlords. You're going to think it's Christmas when you get here! I have real closeouts and discontinued items. If you do send me your email I will forward some of them to you. The prices will throw you off because you have to remember they are in yards and not square feet. My phone number is 561-5900
    • Good afternoon! I am looking for good contacts. I need to find the following:  good carpet laying contractor or company tile work (both back splash and tile floor/wall)   thanks in advance
    • Hey group!  Erik and Kassandra Work hard to make sure the classes benefit you, even if some topics help some and other topic help the others in the group.  However, it is all about sharing knowledge, raising the bar, and help each other where we can. Right now, we are trying to formulate the name and content of a class topic for the Anchorage AK area.    I've been told by many that you want a class on "common pitfalls".  If we were to do this class....what would you anticipate being in this class?  Can you provide an example or a story from a past class that assisted you that supports this topic?
    • Richelle Donovan   October 14 at 6:43 PM I have two tenants on a lease a married couple. They are singed in for a year which carries through June. One of them is giving me notice. The other one wants to stay(I don’t want her too because she is a pain in my butt for a number of reasons). I’m now being informed that the one leaving is going due to a restraining order and can no longer live there. Legally does this still void the contract or do I have to allow her to stay there? Any help or advice in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
    • You might just consider doing your fence at the edge of the current yard and run a wire mesh fence around through the trees at the actual edge of the property if you don’t want to cut the trees down 
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