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    • Break ins happen fast & at all hours.  This one happened last night (guy was in unit when TPS arrived)  Police were too busy with other crimes they hand to cancel helping us and we had to call back during the day today for assistance.  I'm beyond thankful that our emergency line is handled by Aaron Fragapane at TWINS Property Services for small jobs and they are capable of doing this service so my employees and landlords can have a good weekend. Thank you so much Victor Powell for proving this service!  
    • I don't like some with a pit bull/Rottweiler. I think it's affects on the other tenant and landlords property.
    • Stats Stats Stats! What do you track??? They do matter in the management of your rentals. The trick to managing for profit is to know your stats and react from numbers as well as from balaning the people side. This is 1 week of stats from 1 helper in the company. then we break it down by property so we know if the property is accepted or rejected by the market. • Answered 19 incoming phone calls • Answered 4 incoming text inquiries • Automatically responded to 73 incoming email inquiries • Captured 25 inquiries from the web • Collected 110 new leads • Scheduled 48 new showings • Confirmed 21 showings • Avoided at least 19 no shows • Collected feedback from 5 prospects • Notified 7 prospects about new listings on the market • Canceled 30 showings at off-market listings and directed those prospect to your other on-the-market properties
    • There has a lot of things to learn from your input. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.
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