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    • I'm excited for this group! We did some AHFC training & providing feedback today to prep and help landlords and tenants with rent and utility relief. In meantime, have your tenant apply here: https://www.alaskahousingrelief.org/ DEADLINE MARCH 5!! Already 15,000 on the list.
    • Perhaps you could present this to them for assistance.  https://www.alaskahousingrelief.org/
    • We can ask but we can't force a tenant to supply information, it would be volunteer so the state won't provide documents. Since he is 100% non responsive, there are two options. 1- write a letter about AHFC deadline of March 5 pays up to 12 months of rent and utility. Then at the bottom write what happens if he doesn't. (Even if you can't do all of this, state that you will) you will start reporting the debt to credit, you will submit to collection company, and you will do a court trial for judgement. Evictions for possession might not be allowed yet but judgements for debt is allowed. Then end with apply for AHFC and provide the confirmation number for the application. Which will help avoid financial disaster for years.... .......next if no reply......do one from the lawyer saying he has been hired to do court, judgement, collection and credit reporting and to call asap with terms. Then get him to apply for AHFC.
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