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Demand drives it to some extent as well. I rented a couple units this last fall that I could have rented for much more than I normally ask come to find out. Location I’m finding to be incredibly valuable to tenants. Everyone I talked to said there are beautiful rentals down KGB and outskirts otherwise but, they’re down KGB and the outskirts. Also complained that there are almost, “projects” like fourplexes being built everywhere which is a turn off to most it seems. I had an insane number of people applying to rent my units. I’d say five times more than normal.

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    • By Kassandra RPM Alaska
      I'm excited for this group! We did some AHFC training & providing feedback today to prep and help landlords and tenants with rent and utility relief. In meantime, have your tenant apply here: https://www.alaskahousingrelief.org/
      DEADLINE MARCH 5!! Already 15,000 on the list.

    • By SLopez
      So tenant isn’t paying rent, was laid off in October. Had a good slope job and claims his unemployment ran out. My manager had him sign an affidavit. He’s broken the lease by not paying or even trying to pay. He hasn’t provided proof that he has applied for help.
      Doesn’t the moratorium only apply to people that haven’t broken the lease that can’t pay?
      Can I ask for bank statements or letters from the state unemployment office ?
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