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    Would a tow company tow it away since it is illegally parked? Then they can do with it what they will. Try to contact the owners or sell it at auction if they don't respond.
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    A HUGE tree fell from the neighboring landlords house into a chunk of my yard and a bunch of the landlord behind me (diagonal to the trees original home). It seems to have just barely missed the new roof on our detached garage. So no dammage. But now there is an enormous downed tree. And a downed phone line. Anyone deal with this before? Whose mess is this to clean up? Guy who owned the tree? Is it on me for whatever fell on my property? Should I just get insurance involved so it doesn't get weird...but there is no physical damage, so would insurance do anything???
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    If it was an act of nature that took the tree down, you have a free tree. If the tree was dead and owner neglected to take care of the issue, that owner is liable.

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