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  1. Cody Kreitel 2 hrs I have a vacant unit that I am trying to get rented by Sept 1st. A lot of prospective tenants are asking if we accept Alaska Housing. I have never been involved with Alaska Housing in the past. What are your experiences with AK Housing? Advantages, disadvantages, good experiences, bad experiences, etc. Thanks!
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  2. I've been open to accepting them but never had one make it through the application process. How have your experiences been as far as timelyness of rent and the like.
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  3. This is a great question. We have had this question a few times so we are attempting to get Alaska Housing to come speak at an event to help educate everyone. The way it worked 5 to 10 years ago is different than it is today. So many might have...."stories" that are probably no longer an issue. 1 - Alaska Housing administers all the funds in the state and federal for housing. So a tenant might be in the program for a variety of reasons..ie disability, abuse, adoption, fostering, part of a church, and so many other reasons. So understand it doesn't mean what it use to mean. 2- They do have a website where you can post your vacancy. This is where they direct their client to view available already approved places. Approved means you as a landlord is willing to accept AHFC as a form of rental income. It doesnt mwah the unit is approved just yet. 3 - There are a large portion of tenants that are one "plans" so they amount they get today might reduce over time so the tenant might age out of the Housing program and they need to work hard to get on their own feet. 4 - You still need to run a background check. Them being in the system doesnt mean they are naturally approved for your rental. 5 - Once they see the place, apply, and get accepted....ask for a deposit. Some case workers reccomend tenants dont pay until they sign due to the fraud in this town on Craig's. If that happens, call the case worker and explain you'll sign a holding fee with the tenant to help secure the unit and their funds. We will post this form on the site soon. 6 - once approved and deposit paid. Tenant will schedule a lease signing and inspection. You'll arrive at the appointment at the rental. When the inspection happens, 3 leases will be signed and the first 30 day rent will be paid. If they dont bring the money - dont sign. 7 - DONE!
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  4. I live in one just like this but it is $1600.00 month. This is a good deal!
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  5. Wow... can you cut the water or power? You could call the police by telling them you smell drugs being made. There's a chance the cop still won't go in.. tell them that you think child porn is going on in that apartment.... This will really get them, tell the police that the renters love Donald Trump, so Mueller will charge them with tax fraud.. even though I'm joking about it I feel for you bro
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