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  1. Hi all! We are running into the issue of people not picking up after their dogs at our 4plex. I have sent multiple reminders to everyone and it has not improved; all I get is the "it's not me" defence. We picked up 29 piles yesterday, and I don't plan to do that again. Cameras are not in the budget right now so I have no way of pinpointing the main offenders, but there are poops of all sizes so I am fairly sure it's a team effort. I am looking for some input - have you had this problem before, and how did you correct it? Do you have something in your pet agreement or leases to address this issue? Fines? Requiring a monthly pet fee for cleanup? What worked, and what didn't? I'd like to do an addendum to the lease, but i want to make sure I'm being reasonable and 0so, I need some ideas. Thank you!
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