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  1. My Mom bought me a copy of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" when I was in my junior year of college. I remember it distinctly. It was like a light came on. All of a sudden it was this realization that I wasn't destined for the middle class. I had this entire view of life that revolved around a J.O.B. I can say that it honestly took about ten years before I could say that I fully understood the concepts. (I'm a slow learner, haha). I made lots of mistakes but the jumnp into RE investing was another leap forward, especially the fourplex. It was a ridiculous amount of work and I rarely got days off b
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  2. We gave the tenant 24 hours notice that a plumber would be coming out because the hot water heater needs a filter and the tenant complains the hot water is intermittent. The plumber was 2 hours late because his previous job took longer than expected and now she is sahing we cant go in. What are the laws for this?
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  3. Deceased tentant left mess and no money to repair. What form do I need to use in Alaska courts to make a claim against the estate?
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  4. @BBFult we sent a text and called, both. She is a picky tenant and has refused technicians that we did not accompany, that we have called out for her. What do we do if the technician is late? Just give a broader range for time?
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  5. I know a couple of dudes. 907-232-2512 if you want to hit me up and I will share the contacts I have.
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  6. If the tree was threatening your property, you notified the owner of the tree or the owner was aware of the problem ahead of falling and they did nothing then they are liable in Alaska. If not then you are the new owner of the tree on your property.
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  7. It takes intestinal fortitude to be a landlord. My goal was to live as "Free" as I can. With the good comes the bad. The best defense I have found is proper screening and being consistent.
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