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  1. I haven't needed to replace the flooring just yet. However, the LVP seems to be a good product and more tenant proof. It claims it will last 20 + years so you might be able to use some tax benefits on it.
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  2. I can say that I bought my rental where the lower units was 100% tile. It is super easy to clean, but not easy to repair. The unit seems echoy as well. However, we did have a hot water tank go out and flood this unit out twice now. Just had to dry out the walls and were were good to go. During those moments, I was glad to have tile.
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  3. Welcome to Landlording! Hands down 99% of my rentals and the ones I recomend to clients is LVP. Homedepot allows you to buy a huge lot and get volume and discount. Just be mindful of noise management with non-carpet flooring. Something timeless and helps with noise is LVP for high traffic, different color for bath/kitchen, then carpet bedroom. LVP comes in a plank shape and often offers the look of real hardwood with realistic scraping or embossing. Next, pic 1 paint color for all of the units. Go to Sherwin Williams and they will put the colors on file to you won't ever forget. This is a big deal with keeping costs down for repairs. They also offer winter 40% discounts. The "cheapest" way we have seen paint management and yet improve the attracts a higher quality type tenant is paint all a soft white with 1 - 3 accent walls that is a cream color. It isn't tan, yellow, bold, grey or anything. It is just a slight change in color to give depth and classy feel and super easy to touch up. To much of a tan, grey, or bold color are difficult to touch up.
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