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  1. Cut your losses and move on. Lesson learned for how you should move forward with your own lease and deposit. Speaking of, did the previous owner give you the deposit? That should cover 2wks rent and utilities, reducing your loss. If he trashed it, consider pursuing. If not, and he actually does move, I’d count blessings and walk away... In the mean time, be super nice, but post notices of default, etc.
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  2. I haven't needed to replace the flooring just yet. However, the LVP seems to be a good product and more tenant proof. It claims it will last 20 + years so you might be able to use some tax benefits on it.
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  3. I can say that I bought my rental where the lower units was 100% tile. It is super easy to clean, but not easy to repair. The unit seems echoy as well. However, we did have a hot water tank go out and flood this unit out twice now. Just had to dry out the walls and were were good to go. During those moments, I was glad to have tile.
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  4. Welcome to Landlording! Hands down 99% of my rentals and the ones I recomend to clients is LVP. Homedepot allows you to buy a huge lot and get volume and discount. Just be mindful of noise management with non-carpet flooring. Something timeless and helps with noise is LVP for high traffic, different color for bath/kitchen, then carpet bedroom. LVP comes in a plank shape and often offers the look of real hardwood with realistic scraping or embossing. Next, pic 1 paint color for all of the units. Go to Sherwin Williams and they will put the colors on file to you won't ever forget. This is a big deal with keeping costs down for repairs. They also offer winter 40% discounts. The "cheapest" way we have seen paint management and yet improve the attracts a higher quality type tenant is paint all a soft white with 1 - 3 accent walls that is a cream color. It isn't tan, yellow, bold, grey or anything. It is just a slight change in color to give depth and classy feel and super easy to touch up. To much of a tan, grey, or bold color are difficult to touch up.
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  5. Been a landlord for a week, already having issues with a tenant. The tenant was informed by pervious owner his lease would not continue next month 30 days before March 1st. His year long lease expired in June of 2020 which was now on a month to month but nothing in writing. I called the tenant after closing to inform him his rent for Feb. would be due to me and he was upset I was not renewing the lease. I told him I'm sorry for not being able to give him more notice but we will not be continuing the lease. He then texted me today stating he has found a new place and will be moving out next week, mid month. As of now he has not paid Feb. rent, which is due today on the 5th. On top of this I was originally told the utilities of gas and electricity were in the tenants name. But the tenant also text me photos of shut off notices. I called I have switched the utilities in my name since I do not want the heat to shut off. They informed me that pervious owner was paying utilities since last Oct. I am not sure how to continue and think I should get lawyer involved now. I do have this tenants security deposit. Any suggestions?
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