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    I would MAYBE do a small rent reduction, but probably not. I think that as long as I take all the necessary steps I am fulfilling my side of the deal. Now I could definitely see a rent reduction if I asked them to use a honey bucket when the toilet is broke and we are waiting on parts.
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    Hire Kassandra and her team to get them tenants on a schedule paying rent. Vic
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    I am glad this topic came up as I am in a similar situation in not planning to renew the lease with my current tenant of the owner occupied duplex I just purchased. I am currently updating my side with plans to update the renter side when the tenant's lease ends. So I looked up some things and here is what I found. AS 34.03.290(b) The landlord or the tenant may terminate a month to month tenancy by a written notice given to the other at least 30 days before the rental due date specified in the notice. http://www.akleg.gov/basis/statutes.asp#34.03 Found this in PUB-30 Published by the Alaska Court System: A 30-day written notice is required when the landlord wishes to terminate a month-to-month tenancy for general reasons.This notice must be delivered 30 days before the rental due date specified in the notice as the termination date. Notices of Termination of Tenancy (also called “Notices to Quit”) from the landlord must be served on the tenant by: - delivering the notice in person to the tenant or occupant; - leaving the notice at the dwelling when the tenant is absent from the premises; or - sending the notice by registered or certified mail It appears text is not a viable means of communicating your intent to not renew the lease. I agree with Matt Miller that more notice than 30 days is probably better to reduce stress in planning for a move. I don't think you should worry about your tenants retaliating by damaging your rental or not paying rent until it happens. Then there would be other legal avenues to pursue if that happens. In my case I may offer full refund of the deposit and $500 if they are willing to leave sooner than lease end date and there are is no major damage left behind. I am planning to rehab to dirty carpets and dented bedroom doors are not an issue with me. Vic
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    More notice the better and a Friendly reminder they will still need to pay the last months rent. Maybe ask them how much notice they need. Sounds like decent tenants.
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    Personal opinion would be to at least consider what they are asking and think about it. If they have been overall pretty good tenants in terms of communication, paying on time, taking care of the unit, understanding/patient during this particular repair (or any repairs) and are the type of people you would like to keep around longer...then it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea. You may not be able to give what they are asking but could probably find a happy middle ground. On the other hand, if they are generally a pain overall as tenants (late/no payments, fussy/demanding, not the type of tenants you want to keep around long term...), then it might not be worth it for you to consider.
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