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  1. @Ben Persinger Do you have some solid connections?
  2. Learn about decks for your rental property or home.
  3. Group project idea... like open-source... Let’s list the ultimate list of clauses for a lease... Add ideas... Pets Trampolines marijuana bed bugs Carbon Monoxide Detector - CO water heater storage parking utilities Smoking hoa condo photographs/internet advertising signs subleasing lead paint periodic pest control methamphetamine contamination megans law military ordnance insurance mediation low flow water devices security deposit Good Guy Addendum - If either party swears there is a $5K fine.
  4. Hey group! Erik and Kassandra Work hard to make sure the classes benefit you, even if some topics help some and other topic help the others in the group. However, it is all about sharing knowledge, raising the bar, and help each other where we can. Right now, we are trying to formulate the name and content of a class topic for the Anchorage AK area. I've been told by many that you want a class on "common pitfalls". If we were to do this class....what would you anticipate being in this class? Can you provide an example or a story from a past class that assisted you that supports this topic?
  5. admin

    Lease Change

    Richelle Donovan October 14 at 6:43 PM I have two tenants on a lease a married couple. They are singed in for a year which carries through June. One of them is giving me notice. The other one wants to stay(I don’t want her too because she is a pain in my butt for a number of reasons). I’m now being informed that the one leaving is going due to a restraining order and can no longer live there. Legally does this still void the contract or do I have to allow her to stay there? Any help or advice in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  6. @GordonemThomas Oh Robert with Tri-Lincoln has done many of fourplexes 907-947-7845
  7. @Rachael @Ben Persinger Typically a local area starts this topic when rent is too high for "affordable housing" (which is a choice of words being tossed around in Alaska a lot lately) and/or the vacancy rate is so low causing rents to increase very large amounts in short periods of time due to demand. This is typically seen when the rents outpace the job pay market or a way to "fix homeless" issues" by forcing rentals to be affordable and not increase. When an area votes on the rent control laws it can come with various rules. In short, the rules could say max amount of rent increase in a year, how you HAVE to renew tenants and not kick them out just to get a higher price on the open market, controls how much you have to pay a tenant for moving costs, controls how much up front a tenant can pay to move in, restricts why you take back over possession of a unit, can change the eviction process to be more challenging, and more. There are different political opinions and investor opinions regarding this matter. Investors - some don't like it because increase rents allow an increase in the value of the property and now it is restrictive. Some investors say it is good because they know their place will be 0 vacancy and consistent rent because the tenant has no options, as a result, slumlords become a bigger issue. Everyone has an opinion. When Anchorage had 1% vacancy, the topic did get started. Now the topic is more about using it as a way to stop the homeless problem. There are studies that were submitted to Mayor and Governor in the last 2 years saying the homeless problem is mostly due to affordable housing and rent control should be considered to fix that. United way came out with a study from other cities and they didn't recommend rent control - the recommended various programs for various types of causes for the homeless. 1 of which was announced and Weidner started testing the program this year. Hope this helps a bit Kassandra
  8. Cameron Harki Sure an LLC would be best if set up correctly.. but for your situation, I would get an umbrella insurance policy, and make sure you separate all business transactions from personal ones. And keep records of all your business (rental) transactions.
  9. Owen Stribling 10 hrs I own 1 duplex and want to limit my personal liability by getting a business license. Any suggestions/lessons learned regarding the best business structure to use? From my brief online search it appears LLC is the way to go to limit liability.
  10. Not many of my property owners that we manage let me do this cause they don't want a "bill"................. but when I set it up it worked out very well. So What I did is said that anyone with a dog will split the "dog waste pick up bill" on a monthly basis. So I set it up like a utility bill that is required to be paid if they had a dog. And then I had a vendor pick it up, and I split the bill with whom all had a dog that month. It worked and I just posted it to their ledger before the 1st and they paid it with their rent check. The tenants love it and stoped the back and forth issues. @Tasa
  11. Nick Lehman August 26 at 2:56 PM Does anyone have any experience with doing furnished corporate rentals? I am considering trying this out for one of my units. I heard that there are some organizations like for traveling nurses that one can register with or list their units with? Also just wondering what people’s experiences have been like....mostly positive or better off doing longer term unfurnished rentals?
  12. Nick Lehman is looking for recommendations. August 30 at 8:42 PM Can anyone recommend a good home cleaning service? And do you have an estimate for what professional cleaners typically charge to do a 1500 square-foot house?
  13. Irena Mashova Yesterday at 7:29 AM High there ,who do you use for plumbing and heating? My furnace would not turn back on and better take the action now thane later :(((
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