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  1. @Diamondjanitorial has done some cleaning projects for me and done a great job.
  2. Unless you want to go with your standard white option these are my next go-toos 😂😂
  3. @Kassandra RPM Alaskathanks for the follow up. I agree with your suggestions and that is the path I took with it. Peace of mind that I got all the water damage and that there is not some nasty moldiculture project taking off in one of my units is totally worth it. Also huge shout out to Warren and Sons for helping with the flood and dry out operation and subsequent restreching of my carpets.
  4. @Kassandra RPM Alaska I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
  5. Yes it’s annoying but part of the biz. I usually aim for 15. Ideally text confirmation 30 min before to make sure they are on their way. If they can’t make an appointment or answer a call, they may not be the most reliable tenant.
  6. @JCollier and @Kassandra RPM Alaska, Sorry I missed the tag on this one. I am not 100% sure on the current code for water heaters as I usually have a plumber install them but my recollection is that they do need the pan under them, earthquake straps secured to the wall, and if it’s in the garage you have to have it on a stand to get it 18” off the floor to prevent explosive situations where vapors or fumes in the garage could be ignited by by the pilot or ignition device. Side-note if the heater is away from the wall make sure you put solid blocking behind it with some good screws i
  7. Wow! Steep fine and with such rampant abuse it makes it hard to have pet free properties at all. I am fully supportive of people who legitimately need and use them but it would sure be nice if hud would at least put some pressure the bogus doctors who produce the prescriptions for all these. I looked at one a while back and I could get the paperwork and a little vest for my dog online with virtually no documents for less than a $100 (also note that she is a loving family pet but her capacity as a support animal is ends where she holds the couch cushions down).
  8. Great question on the energy rating. It definitely depends on your situation and what your long term goals are with the property. I feel like the energy rating definitely helps with resale of the home and i believe it is a selling point with tenants as their utility costs will likely be lower. That said what @Kassandra RPM Alaska Said is my usual go to for roi on improvements is the cosmetic updates, clean fresh paint, new flooring, hardware and light fixtures. As far as energy improvements go (note this would be for an older home) adding insulation to the attic, upgrading old leaky wind
  9. Question on leases for the group, I had a couple units flood in the earthquake, and I am trying to deal with some lingering issues. One tenant had an extreme amount of personal property in the unit and it took a number of days for them to move their stuff around so that the rooms could be dried out. I ended up removing flooring from part of the unit due to not being able to get it dry. Fast forward they were supposed to move their possessions to another room so the portion with the floor removed could be repaired. The tenant has said that the unit is unlivable and has been exceedingly d
  10. You might just consider doing your fence at the edge of the current yard and run a wire mesh fence around through the trees at the actual edge of the property if you don’t want to cut the trees down
  11. I have since added more verbiage on this to include any type of smoke/fog/vape products to my leases. Not 100% sure on the effects of vaping on interior surfaces but it is likely that it leaves some residue and if it is in a multifamily it is likely that the neighbors will not like the smell. I figure that if a tenant is consuming something that is taking away the enjoyment of another tenant then it is too much.
  12. I would second Robert with Tri Lincoln. He is also a distributor for a proprietary blend of ice mealt and it works much better than stuff from the box stores. Not sure what all is in it but it stays in solution longer that the stuff from the box stores which is mainly salt.
  13. I am looking at some security systems and I am wondering what you all have found to be the most effective. More specifically I am looking at something similar to Simply Safe which from my understanding has a moderately priced monthly fee, is portable and can operate without a phone line or internet. Has anyone tried these systems up here and had good/bad experiences with them? I am wanting it to monitor job sites and construction projects around town and the valley as needed. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the thorough response on this @Kassandra RPM Alaska. Those were some of the things I have heard as well and I agree that the homeless issues are quite complex to solve. I know there are a lot of sides to the problem and I'm not wanting to start a political debate, but I find it interesting as a general contractor how much I hear about needing to create affordable housing and cheaper housing when people are campaigning but on the administrative side of things the city has been making it more and more difficult for contractors and investors to operate. Permitting is an example of thi
  15. Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately it seems to be an ongoing issue for many people myself included. I have on property in a good area with decent lighting and we still have break-ins once a year or so. Typically these are people who leave the door unlocked or something but not always. Beefing up your security depends a bit on the layout of the property and how much you want to spend. I feel having visible cameras that are close enough so that it is harder for the riffraff to avoid being seen and identified can help to some degree as well as adding more lighting that illuminates th
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