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  1. Thanks. Work takes precedence over diy in this case so need backup.
  2. Can somebody recommend a reliable contractor to renovate bathroom on short notice? Thank you.
  3. So, have a pair of tenants that just moved in 7/1. No problems except the smell of marijuana when inside unit. They claim I'm not smelling them smoking, I'm smelling their stash. I have no direct evidence of them smoking. I am not a fan of booting them out and trying to find tenants again. However, if I can get direct evidence that they are smoking I will boot them. Any sources to get direct evidence of them smoking people have tried or heard of? It's in my lease that this is a non smoking building.
  4. https://www.alaskapublic.org/2019/04/01/the-housing-continuum-building-a-vibrant-community-part-2/ The time to listen to this is worth it to help better understand Alaska's real estate market.
  5. Saw someone post this question in September, but no response. Would like any suggestion for a cleaner in Anchorage that goes above and beyond. Thanks for help.
  6. Couldn't find a discussion on this one. But maybe this post will help others? Anyone in town plow multi-family parking lots at a reasonable price, consistently and are there recommendations? Any feedback appreciated.
  7. Hey Everyone, Any recommendations or suggestions for homeowner's insurance?
  8. Any recommendations for a CPA who is an expert in multi-family properties/residential income? Wisdom of the crowd is appreciated.
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