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  1. Unless you plan on working full time in the business what you may need most is a handyman with experience, people skills and not over priced. It’s imperative that they treat tenants professionally yet also be able to see through the BS and do what’s necessary rather than create additional expenses and issues. Will they go over on a Sunday, a holiday if you aren’t able? This is hard to find but if you can find it things can work in any neighborhood. I don’t mind C neighborhoods, there are great tenants there you just have to find them and treat them right so just be ready to screen, screen, screen the tenants. Also, budget for higher repairs and absolutely don’t overpay for the property in the first place.
  2. This is good news. I have a vacancy coming up in December Not the ideal time but oh well. Wish I could have made it the class but what did Weidners guy say about rental stats for ANC? Thanks!
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