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  1. I use Cathleen Hahn. She has a 12 plex that I know of. Does a lot with real estate investors. Got me a good return last year at least haha
  2. I believe you may be right about that Kass. Anchorage and other cities gave code violations too that I am sure you could look up. Such as junk cars, etc they could get fined with. I know Matsu valley and Anchorage have some codes like that.
  3. I am assuming that since you owner occupy you used either VA or FHA, meaning you have very little equity. Unless you have significant wealth of another means I would consider it unnecessary for the time being. Leverage is a means of asset protection. Just get good insurance and you will be fine.
  4. Chris S

    Credit Cards

    There are 3rd party programs you can use to make the payments. Generally they are not common because of a 2.5% fee that most credit card companies, and the 3rd party ones apply to the payment. I do not know of any laws restricting their use. It's just economical not to use them. The property management software I use allows rent payments with a 2.5% fee. people use it sometimes because it might be cheaper than the late fee depending on the late fee and cost of rent.
  5. Any chance you could form an HOA? I think you only need 45% of the neighborhood to agree to one to make it happen. You could also continuously call the police on them whenever you see something illegal happening. After I believe 7 calls to a residence, at least here in AK, the police will start finding the homeowner. Not small fines either. Just keep racking them up until the slumlord changes his ways or goes bankrupt. Then you can buy the property and flip it
  6. Hey Brie, I am not an attorney, but Inwould say that since she signed the lease knowing exactly what the place looks like and the type of flooring it is on her. I think you were good to suggest the area carpet, but do not buy her one out of her deposit. You could also reccomend gripped socks for her kids, or that she not let them run around the house in the first place. Prob not that last one, she might not like it very much haha.
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