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  1. 1) what is the best way to collect money from a tenant who has left but still owes rent? 2) what is the best way to handle an abandoned vehicle on premises? can this vehicle be levied if tenant owes money? If so what is the process for this?
  2. Tenant is behind two months on rent. Tenant and I have agreement that she will pay at tax refund. I gave notice in person for end of February to accommodate when this agreement was made. Yesterday I get a call from a property manager who says she applied for a house that's $500 more than my place and they're looking to fill asap. I was not aware that she was looking to move this soon and unsure where the funds are coming from For this house. What would you do in this situation? Any recommendations?
  3. Hey folks, I'm curious what renovations or improvements have generated the highest return on investment for you, and how you went about determining that on your rental property. Did you use energy star tests as a starting point? I'm considering installing some new high quality bathroom fans and an HRV system and wondering what the return might be like on that. Cheers, Dev
  4. I've had two theft incidents in the last month. The first was my own car being broken into with a crow bar right outside my bedroom window at night, the second was just last night someone knocking down a large road sign and taking a bike. Any suggestions for building security? How do you prevent these types of theft?
  5. Thanks @Kassandra! Just out of curiosity, what do you consider acceptable noise at RPM? And, if there are multiple units affected by noise, how do you decide to look at adding insulation vs educating?
  6. They all complain about each other but there is one group of tenants who seem to cause more noise than others. They work night shift and have small kids so usually some noise late at night. They are very good about paying their rent on time and want to stay for a while though.
  7. About once every few weeks I get noise complaints from one of my four tenants. They ask me to send out a noise reminder which I usually do but it doesn't seem to help in the long run. Any ideas how to more permanently solve this problem?
  8. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll give them a call.
  9. Jenni, Ben, et. al, Thanks so much for this feedback. I would like to try the insulation route. Are there any recommendations for contractors who do this type of work in Alaska? My place is in Fairbanks.
  10. I'm fairly certain this is a reasonable claim as I've had numerous tenants tell me they can hear everything between the walls (not to mention I live on site so I too can hear everything). I'm looking at quotes for installing mass loaded vinyl in between sheetrock at the moment. I figure if it's less than a month's rent it might be worth it. (?)
  11. Is there anything interpersonally you'd suggest trying?
  12. This is a brand new renovation and the contractor claims the interior walls between those rooms are insulated.
  13. Tenants say noise is coming through walls. Would additional insulation in attic help this? Or do you mean blowing insulation from above into wall joyces?
  14. Ok, I'm just about at my wits end with these noise complaints. I have two long term tenants with shared bedroom walls. One set of tenants work late night shifts and another set who need to wake up early. As these walls are thin and in no way soundproofed, I have gotten several noise complaints from tenants in the affected unit saying they are unable to sleep. I'd prefer not to evict tenants if I can because the tenants who work late do pay rent on time and are otherwise very easy to work with tenants. Is there a cheap and effective way to soundproof the walls or any simple way to handle this situation that does not involve evictions? Thanks in advance.
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