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  1. Avail, gobank (sends to PayPal), cozy...buildium..
  2. Federal Law Links The purpose of this page is to assist in supporting the Links to State Laws. Many state laws say they support the Federal Law and have additional rules. Below are links that we have found helpful for landlords. Fair Credit Reporting The Fair Credit Reporting Act (PDF) Fair Credit Reporting Act FCR Notice to Consumer FCR Summary of Rights Federal Communications (Satellite and Antennans) Installing Consumer Owned Satellite and Antennas Over the Air Reception Devices Rules View full record
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  6. Alaska Landlord-Tenant Laws Below is a summary and links to the state laws applicable to rental properties. Resources were used to try and obtain the most current and accurate information, however, Federal, State, and Local laws change quickly and this resources can become out of date. If you are aware of an update, please send us a message. Links: Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (Statues) Summary Packet of the Landlord Tenant Act (Not the law- just a summary) Alaska Court System Alaska Real Estate Commission Department of Law - Consumer Protection Alaska Landlord Printed Statutes- 12/08V Alaska Fair Housing Rules & Accomodation SB63 Alaska Law about Smoking Civil ActionsUsury Laws regarding interest rates How to serve a summons packet. Eviction BookletSmall Claims Handbook Lease, Rent, & Fees Due Date: Based on the written lease. If not written, it will on or before the 1st. Grace Period: Based on the written lease. Late Fee: Based on the late fee listed on the lease. Fees: Nothing spelled out in LTA There are case laws that says the fee must be reasonable in amount to the landlord's costs and can't be punative or a profit margin for landlords. Security Deposit Security Deposit Limits: Two Months Rent, unless rent exceeds $2,000 per month. Landlord may ask for an additional month's rent as deposits for a pet that is not a service animal, but may use it only to remedy pet damage. Deadline to Return Deposit: 14 Days if the tenant gives proper notice to terminate tenancy; 30 days if the tenant does not give property notice or if landlord has deducted amounts needed to remedy damage caused by tenant's failure to maintain the property. Bank Account All landlords must keep the deposit in a trust account. Carpet Cleaning If the landlord professionally carpet cleaned prior to tenant moving in and can provide proper reciepts, then they can expect the tenant to do the same upon moving out. Pet Deposit Yes, there are rules regarding this topic. Deposit is seperate from the lease deposit. Security Deposit Transmittal Security Deposit Transmittals are required. It is recomended to certify mail proof this was completed on time. Failure to comply could cost double damages of the amount that was imporperly withheld. Notices: To Enter: 24 hours unless emergency Notice to cure (Lease Violation): 10 Day Notice To end a lease: 30 day notice at end of a term; term can be a lease term or month-to-month Termination of tenancy with 24 hour notice: Yes, but damage must be proven to be over $400 and the act was delibert and a thret to the rental dwealling. Termination of tenancy for non-payment of utility: 5 Day Notice. Termination of tenancy for non-payment of rent: 7 Day Notice Disclamer: This article is NOT intended to be legal advice. We are not lawyers and this is not ment to be understood as advice for your situation. We always recomend you always contact a lawyer with your situation to obtain the best advice to your situation. Last Updated: 09/18/2019 View full record
  7. Was this united state postal or the ups store. I've seen it happen at the ups store.
  8. It's that time! You'll want to get this done before winter happens and you start to have parking issues in your property. Brought to you by your host: Real Property Management Amanda Mallar with Keenan Fitzpatrick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG21wFUBiQQ
  9. Tenants and Landlord need to be clear in their comunication. This is why the court typically want tenants and landlords to serve proper notices.
  10. I think every landlord should consider how it impacts positive or negative to other current and potential tenants.
  11. Break ins happen fast & at all hours. This one happened last night (guy was in unit when TPS arrived) Police were too busy with other crimes they hand to cancel helping us and we had to call back during the day today for assistance. I'm beyond thankful that our emergency line is handled by Aaron Fragapane at TWINS Property Services for small jobs and they are capable of doing this service so my employees and landlords can have a good weekend. Thank you so much Victor Powell for proving this service!
  12. Stats Stats Stats! What do you track??? They do matter in the management of your rentals. The trick to managing for profit is to know your stats and react from numbers as well as from balaning the people side. This is 1 week of stats from 1 helper in the company. then we break it down by property so we know if the property is accepted or rejected by the market. • Answered 19 incoming phone calls • Answered 4 incoming text inquiries • Automatically responded to 73 incoming email inquiries • Captured 25 inquiries from the web • Collected 110 new leads • Scheduled 48 new showings • Confirmed 21 showings • Avoided at least 19 no shows • Collected feedback from 5 prospects • Notified 7 prospects about new listings on the market • Canceled 30 showings at off-market listings and directed those prospect to your other on-the-market properties
  13. Smoking vs just havnig the stash are two different things. Finding someone smoking and evicting on those grounds are very difficult.
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