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  1. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Things are renting

    The good news is that Weidner stats are following the RPM stats, they are just 2% different than ours. Example if I say I'm at 4% vacancy, they are at 6% vacancy. Thus anyone with apartments only mix feels the numbers more than RPM as we are mixed with houses and condos.
  2. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Things are renting

  3. I’ve been in property management since I was a child because my grandfather and parents were investors in the real estate world. I once remember putting on my dirty - raggedy kid clothes and proceeded to clean out the rental properties and knock on doors asking for rent money with the family. Being a property manager, or a landlord, use to be “just knock on the door and collect a rent check”, Today – It is more regulated. Over the last 10 years, the world has changed where the Landlord / Tenant relationship is no longer a “knock-on door” transaction. Real Estate is now demanding standards, written documentation, fast service, and the latest technology to be a profitable landlord. In today’s complex world of management, landlords are experiencing increased tenant and regulatory demands as well as the challenge of incorporating modern technology into your management routines. When the economy changes, it also brings about more issues around collections, evictions, and lawsuits. Most property management and landlord companies offer essentially the same services, “Property Management”, but the trick is to go “behind the scenes” to see how they can differentiate themselves. Collections is critical in today’s world and many companies do not take it seriously. The average DIY Landlord is not able to submit balances for a fair cost to collection companies due to the low volume. RPM is nationwide and can find and attempt collections nationwide. This feature alone has collected thousands from tenants that have vacated and left a balance owing. Credit Reporting is another vital part of collecting revenue quickly. When tenants discover landlords do report positive and negative behaviors, then payments quickly become a priority. This allows landlords to be able to pay their own bills in a timely fashion. DIY landlords can purchase software and pay for credit reporting features. RPM has it included within their full-service package at no extra cost. Federal, State, and Local agencies have heavier regulation and they are enforcing these rules. There are now departments, and lawyers, actively hiring “secret shoppers” trying to test your systems. As a result, education on regulations, systems in place to comply, and state of the art technology is vital to being in place tracking every button you click. Record keeping alone is the difference between a large fine or lawsuit vs being a profitable and stress-free landlord. One final change in today’s world, is the ability to accurately and seamlessly document the conditions of the property and put into a format that courts will approve. DIY landlords can download apps on the phone that can record and take pictures every time you enter the property. RPM has this done at Move-In, Mid-Lease, and Move-out with approximately 20+ pictures and notes. These reports should be very professional, time-stamped, and clear on what the condition is. These reports are now considered standard and typically it is used in the legal disputes between landlords and tenants.
  4. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Interpret this lease

    Today I had to review a lease that had a lot of conflicting words. This landlord did download the TLA lease version but made several edits and didn't realize that the "edits" became a heated dispute about the end date of the lease. Tenant gave notice on 9/24 to be out 11/08 but wants out 10/31. So what date do you charge to? 10/31? 11/08? 11/30? Here are the words on the signed lease: -Entered into an agreement on 11/08/2017. - TERM: The premises are rented on a month-to-month tenancy with until either party gives a 30-day notice before the rental due date of a termination of this agreement. (Dates were removed to say Month to Month) - RENT: The Resident(s) agree to pay rent in the amount of xxx per month. (The Deadline of the rent due was removed.) - BUILDING/UNIT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Unit is new with no previous occupants, 12-month lease, resident pays for gas, electric and a flat fee for water/sewer in the amount of $75.00. (...ugh.....Umm....??...They Left utility section blank) - TERMINATION: This rental agreement shall be automatically renewed on a month to month basis. This agreement can be terminated if:........
  5. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    It's that time - Tenants rent's are DUE

    Hey Group! Don't forget it's that time of the month for tenants to pay their rent. If they don't - come to the store and download the 7 day non-payment of rent notice. We even added instructions for you! https://www.thelandlordsalmanac.com/store/
  6. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Live Wire

    Brandy Asked - A few months ago my tenant texted to say she was in the ER because she touched a live wire in our garage and shocked herself. (She touched said live wire while painting the garage without permission and its strictly written in our lease that no painting or modifications of any kind are to be done) Now she is asking us to reimburse her ER bill of $729. (I had an electrician out the very next day to fix the wire which was high in a ceiling) Her words in the text are "please let me know what feels right for you guys" They are great tenants and I do feel responsible but am I responsible for the whole bill?
  7. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Building a Fence

    Joe Asked - Hello! I'm looking for advice from anyone that's had a fence put up in their rental property. I just bought a house (I will live in it for two years then put it up as a rental) and it has an amazing backyard. I had a survey done and found out that the backyard is even larger than expected. It turns out that I own a portion of a heavily wooded area. I spoke to a fencing company, and they told me that I would need to create a 3-foot wide path for the perimeter where I want to have my fence installed. At first glance, it looks like I'll need to chop down 5-6 large trees to meet this requirement. Another option I have is that I can fence in just the grassy portion of my land (leaving about 150 sqft unfenced), but I'm concerned that if I don't fence in my entire property, I might run into issues with property disputes in the future. Has anyone experienced a scenario similar to mine, that could offer me some advice? Thanks!
  8. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Vaping / Smoking

    A DIY Landlord sent this for me to post: Is vaping something that is considered Non-Smoking? What damage does vaping really do? What's the best way to restrict this? Do you allow it in your unit? Thanks!
  9. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Get it on the market

    Hi! It is getting a little late in the season and very competitive right now. At RPM we are SLAMMED! with new units going on the market and trying to all rent before snowfall. Be sure to work quickly!
  10. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Get it on the market

  11. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Sump/highwater alarm

    Found it...https://noiseaware.io/buy/noise-monitoring-system but it is more for sounds.
  12. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Sump/highwater alarm

    Oh man! Allen just found a show that had used a sensor for Airb b&b. Show was called Safer Home i believe - On netflix -.... Anyways - Research still continues! @Ben Persinger
  13. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Building security

    See I know you @Ben Persinger would mention things that I forgot. Love the video!! I just got my new home and first thing I did was the lights and the steel plates with the long strong screws to go into the wall. I've seen it stop a robbery!! I'm in the process of converting more of the lights to LED On/Off on the Light sensor and some with a motion to help with being the brightest place around. It worked at my last place, the others were robbed but not us.
  14. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Legal changes

    Correct, I don't want to get political. Yes, I 100% agree that the city is in great conflict and sends unclear messages on this matter. The large issue is that we have a housing shortage causing valley to boom and causing prices to go up. Which messes with supply/demand. This has been off for 10-15 years so it will take a while to find a solution that is a win-win.
  15. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Dog waste in a multi family building

    Thats a good point - Some properties are okay with pets and others are not

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