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  1. Wyatt loved the snow fall today.

  2. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Funny Image

  3. Here is a quick chat RPM, Keenan Fitzpatrick and Jeff-Laura Davis did for us regarding how earthquake insurance works and what to do right after it happens.

  4. Kassandra RPM Alaska

    Raising Rental Property Equity

    Hey there! @ddsk1191 I have done the energy rating but it worked because at the time we lived in the unit. I'm not sure they allow that program anymore and for non-occupied unit. I've seen the best returns is things that make the place "clean". Meaning all door knobs and hinges are the same. Don't need a new kitchen but a counter tops and the trendy color painted works. I believe it all depends on the end goal as to how far you design it. Kass
  5. I love Alaskans! Other companies were impressed with the teams service to the community they bought us lunch and other things to help us stay focused in continuing our efforts to help our customers. I shall return this favor because that's what Alaskans do! We help each other no matter what.

  6. My heart breaks hearing about damages...including this story with a customer. Please consider helping. Yes we are trying FEMA but it will be limiting.

  7. Friends and Family, this home is all over the news and a great loss to Landlord and Tenant. The tenant will have some help with insurance but the landlords will not. Below is the landlords story and request for help. The tenants story is posted with the news. This will help neighbors in not having to look at this home on their street, or maybe even rebuild. They are looking for help from the government, but no word or promises on this front either.

  8. Erik and I think we should just stay in the airplane as a way of getting a break from the aftershocks.

  9. This picture is missing about 5 people. However, the team worked Alaskan Hard to help other Alaskans. I'm forever in debt to my team because they honored our mission to help others.

  10. Sure, why not add a volcano to the mix. We are Alaskan strong.

  11. I'm thankful for first responders, great Alaskans helping each other, and another RPM office helping call every tenant by the end of the day.

  12. We finally got to see my house. All that matters is the airplane is safe. I can buy everything else we lost.

  13. We have been able to reach most of our tenants and owners. About 80 rentals with some varying degree of damage and about 20 with leaks. And 1 caved in home. We are still checking properties. (And we haven't seen our home because we wanted to help others first)

  14. I'm in a room listening to our team making a lot of calls checking on tenants and letting owners know the second we find out. We even have RPM's from out of state helping us locally!!

  15. We are fine. Employees are ok. RPM is up and running on the phones for our rentals. Please avoid calling me so we can help customers.


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