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  1. Welcome!  Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!  

  2. I've been talking a lot about this concept and Jay also said in in similar words but with a story as to why one should not assume.

  3. I think it is more difficult to learn as you get older. But....I now can build SAAS in our new system.

  4. I absolutley love helping landlords!

    Thanks for attending! Koltan Lucas Bernard T. Powell Victor Powell Erik Boltman Keenan Fitzpatrick Tasa Nagel

  5. Great Class on AHFC..I didnt know AHFC gives revenue to the state...


  7. I found your sign! Looks great! Kauai Fitt

  8. Those that love real estate! Come listen to my special invitation.

  9. Neighbors help neighbors plow. This is why this is home.

  10. Working hard on the new programs. At least I have sun and a view to keep me motivated!

  11. Love rentals...but it is a business...that you need to market.

  12. Thoughts 🙋‍♀️ How you spend vs how I spend our time and money is different. That's what makes America great is the freedom to choose. Daily I choose to work late into the night to invest my time and I put as much money as I can into investing in the business. This is why we are a 500 rental company and one of the largest in the area. This is why I know the company will hit the goal of being over 750 very soon.

  13. Just saying - Brendon Burchard - Live. Love. Matter. Has a great wellness series right now!!. This is perfect for those that care deeply about mental wellness and want to think differently and just at a higher level! Thanks brendon for the videos and podcast! Always have me thinking. #brendonburchard #mentalhealth

  14. Real Estate Licensee -raise your hand.🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ who's done more than a few air B&B transactions?

  15. Erik Boltman and I are dorks. While having our teeth cleaned we are talking rentals.

  16. I was working with a landlord today and thought I would share the thought. "What most forget in the landlording business is that solving a situation normally boils down to your people skills to make something happen....and education around the rules so you can play the game ;) ......meaning people skills typically is the first utalized tool and education are the rules to the game" ..................any thoughts from the group?

  17. "A business matures when it realize consistency out weighs the magic pill changes" - me.

  18. I find great joy in helping other landlords in my community grow into a profitable landlord! Share the club with others! #LandlordLife

  19. BIG 🤔 thought - People scroll social 🤳 and get in their head about what others are doing and they forget to scroll their own images 👀 on their phone to remember your story is even more amazing to watch than those on social.💕 Find joy in your world.

  20. I hear people daily struggling with this concept. We listen and compete and measure based on what others say or think- when we should listen to ourselves and measure you..and only you. It is amazing how much you'll grow when you finally can do this. How much light will enter your life when your eyes open.

  21. Some wake up at 4AM. Some stay up till 4am. Either way lots of hours clocked in. LoL

  22. I love learning. If this is real I'm shocked at the cause and excited over the possible outcome.

  23. Walking on our frozen lake at the house

  24. How do you like to learn?...or comment below.

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