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  1. The next podcast is out for your review. The theme - The market is whatever the market is. We can put our blood, sweat, and tears into a property and it not do anything differently. In order to play the rental game, you must understand the market trends in order to make a profit. I review many different trends, stats, and how to's in this segment. https://www.buzzsprout.com/680183/7303285-the-market-doesn-t-care-about-your-feelings
  2. Watch KTUU news tonight at 5PM and 6PM when our very own TLA member Ben Persinger (a landlord and business owner of a construction company) and I (real property management) did an interview on what's happening with landlords during COVID. Thanks for doing all landlords doing the surveys, we used them to help give a voice with landlords. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Property-owners-taking-a-big-hit-during-the-pandemic-571034961.html?fbclid=IwAR1cG3zI97JcjT8O7Q60ZnEZ0Ax_is0yXd4wOVLLDKjVODwsmTCvBV7h2UY
  3. 📣 Just posted!!! 🥳Landlord’s Conversation Podcast E:20 - Let's have a conversation about expectations vs reality around reserves for a property. with our very own special guest, Patrick Dailey. Many landlords misunderstand, misapply, and miscalculate reserves 🤷‍♀️causing themselves to get into a financial bind. So listen in to avoid costly mistakes. https://www.buzzsprout.com/680183
  4. Come join in on the conversation for the next hour https://webinar.ringcentral.com/webinar/register/8815867352199/WN_hxmTbTXtReSoOMwi2v4uWQ
  5. @Kara Federal - Is federal backed properties. State - Watching SB 241 about restrictions that would apply...might be signed at any moment. Basically a tenants says "they are hurt" and you can't evict. Then Superier court - Says no evictions till after 5/30.
  6. Everyone, Please do at least 1 email, but we need three - Mayor, House, and Senate Email your stories / Email how tenants will hurt landlords when no evictions are allowed / Email everyone you can - TODAY. I know it is confusing what is happening at the Senate and House. Basically, both sides are proposing a plan (HB 315 & SB 242) and trying to get something agreed upon quickly. Who ever's plan gets approved first - wins. However, the courts have made their decision that they will not even listen to any FED (eviction) cases for a long while. Yesterday, the Senate was a
  7. Did you know - 80% of our tenants pay online? Real Property Management has a management package where we can process your rents for you (online, dropbox, in-person)? Call 290.2022
  8. Cindy Dillard 602.368.3588 cindy@tsfe.biz might be a good option for you.
  9. Posted on Facebook Christy Estrada Conversation Starter · 2 hrs So I got a rental reference request for my current tenants. No notice is given, but I want them out sooooo bad was just waiting for nicer weather so I could clean out unit. They are nasty.hoaders and having issues with them from the start. Parking drama, dog poop drama, paying on time, etc... Just all around problem tenants. I filled out the form honestly, but I am torn on hitting send. If I am honest they probably will not rent to them. I need them out ugh... I hate this. I don't wish these tenants on any
  10. Posted on Facebook Crystal Menice is looking for recommendations. January 17 at 4:07 PM Does anyone have a recommendation for a good plumber in Anchorage?
  11. Posted on Facebook Ruth Meyer McClain @Ruth McClain January 25 at 3:51 PM Any Landlords or managers in the Wasilla area have a recommendation on who/how to have water well tested for minerals,,etc. thanks. I think there are some do it yourself labs etc or is it best just to hire a well water co to come do it.
  12. Post from Facebook Kim Mattison January 23 at 9:05 PM In y'alls opinion. Does not having a dishwasher make a big difference in rental value and quality of renter?
  13. Post from the Facebook forum: Audrey Scott 22 hrs What is the dollar limit that I have to 1099 a contractor??
  14. Posting from the facebook group: Crystal Menice Does anyone have a recommendation for a good plumber in Anchorage?
  15. Posting from the facebook group: Ashley wilson Are we legally able to serve a notice to quit to a tenant due to continued confrontations with and her inability to control her 3 and a half year old? He walks on the tops of the washers and dryers, we’ve found popcorn kernels in multiple washers, he’s pulled dryers off of their vents causing us to have to refund money to other tenants as well as repair them. Yesterday I found his boot prints on all six dryers. We need her out!!!!
  16. @Victor Peluso Says Just go in person and visit and introduce yourself to make sure they know who the rent check goes to. If you're former property managers are shady they might try continuing to collect the rent.
  17. @Greg VT I also need coffee before I say to much
  18. Posted from the Facebook Private Group. This club has many members on the Facebook & Website Forum or members are on both platforms. I share posts between them to help with members choices on the platform they wish to use. Emily Jones December , 2019 at 10:05 PM Just had a tennant ask if the 3rd person on the lease can be removed. They are having issues with each other. Person 1 and 2 are a couple and want to stay. And person 3 wants to leave as well as 1 and 2 wanting them to leave. Do I just have them all sign a termination of the lease and have 1 and 2 re sign the
  19. Posted on the Facebook Private Group Page: FYI Landlords are in Facebook, Website Forum, or both. Patricia Malone-Roberts shared her first post. New Member · January 1 at 6:22 PM Looking for advice....I have been using a property manager for the last year and a half, however I just terminated my contract with them because they’ve been nothing but a nightmare from day 1 😕. I’m going to take over managing my rental house myself and wanted to contact my Tenant to let them know what’s going on. The official terminating date for the property managers is the middle of this month
  20. @Greg VT I 100% agree to make sure a lawyer does a quick check over times...laws change. Example alaska landlord tenant law changed in 2014 that made big changes on the lease and money things for landlords.
  21. @Dan Google, and Forums will help generate ideas for a lease document. Just know you have the "lease" then you have the addendums to the lease. Example is Pet or Lead base paint or house/parking/community rules. You can also purchase the lease and documents needed in the store. This will save you a lot of time and it has been tested in court. It has the bed bug clause and more in it. All money generated on this website pays directly to the club and keeps classes and forums going. There isn't any profit in this club adventure So purchases help keep the club free and alive. TLA
  22. I like what @Realtor Matt Miller Said on another section ....it is a "pink" concern rather than a red concern. I think some tenants perfer being with a private landlord because they can talk directly to that landlord...sometimes at all hours....some tenants also like to feel they are more in control by providing detailed conversations. However, most landlords don't want to be available at all hours or hear the on and on and on stories that are told to them. So personal preference could be the case. Usually - you'll find the story in the credit reprots.
  23. In this case, we beleive it was a mental disorder as there is no sign of drugs or other issues.
  24. I do believe Victor has a point. Sometimes the toilet guts are at the end of life, or the supply line should of been tested, the shut off value was weak and snapped. All things to consider and look for at inspection times.
  25. Thanks for the update! It is always best to confirm proof of income!!
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