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  1. Cat Pee Smells like Money Recording.mp4
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    In what world does cat pee smell like money? To a savvy investor who is looking to make their next purchase, cat pee-soaked carpets won’t necessarily be a deterrent but instead a negotiation tactic. We know major structural repairs are going to eat into the cash flow but buying a property with good bones that meets your goals, aside from needing a face lift, can be an excellent purchase strategy. We know this is often discussed and most investors take this route, and unfortunately for some, the outcome isn’t what they hoped it would be. Even with the best intentions, the mismatched o
  3. We hope you enjoyed the video presentation by Erik Boltman. If you have feedback or have questions on other topics you would like to have covered, let us know in a comment. The Landlords Almanac Hosted by Real Property Management Last Frontier 810 N St. Ste 305 Anchorage, AK 99501
  4. Good evening, We have uploaded the video, feel free to comment questions! Video by: Erik Boltman, COO Real Property Management Last Frontier 810 N. St #305 Anchorage AK 99501 Get it Rented 2020.mp4
  5. Tomorrow as you know we will not be meeting at the Megan Room. Instead, a video will be uploaded covering the material we planned to present. The content will be provided by Erik Boltman, COO of Real Property Management Last Frontier, Sales Manager of the Leasing Department and Leasing Agent when needed. I am sure you all are very excited to view the content, feel free to share and comment with questions as you view the material. From all of us at RPM, we are committed to giving back to the community and fortunately, with the proactive processes management has put into place, we wi
  6. Hello all, due to the recommendations made by the CDC to practice social distancing, we have decided to take the direction of virtual delivery on this class. Stay tuned for an invitation in the next few days to view/listen in by phone or PC. We will NOT be meeting at The Megan Room this month.
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    Our class is fast approaching. As social distancing is still being enforced in our communities, we will be delivering our content virtually and will be available to view on April 16: www.TheLandlordsAlmanac.com under Forums. The video will be uploaded as a topic to view. We hope you enjoy and are staying healthy during these uncertain times. Did your new tenants seem nice? This is the most common statement we hear when a tenant is now not paying and you are facing an eviction. Let's take a step back and take the time to talk in detail both the importance of tenant screening as well as sha
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    Facing an upcoming vacancy? Ever had a unit on the market and had to wait weeks for a qualified tenant? When a tenant goes searching for a new place to live, most go online and search for their ideal amenities. After only a few simple clicks, they will be welcomed with many options to choose from. Your professionalism when it pertains to clean photography, neatly drafted ad content and clear schedule for showings will be helpful to keep you ahead of your competition! This free event will be led by the professionals at Real Property Management Last Frontier who have managed to lower their va
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    Looking to scale your portfolio? How about diversify between both residential and commercial properties? An introduction class to commercial is the perfect place to start! Come and learn from professionals in the industry that talk specifically about the world of commercial as we will learn has few parallels to the residential world. We are pleased to announce our speakers for the educational seminar will be Joe Lumpkin and Ryan Mae Lucas with Regal North Commercial! They will take the time to shine a light on the industry and will be an excellent tool on getting a handle on the ba
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    When problems arise, the first question we ask; What does your lease say? Take some time to learn from the professionals how to enforce the lease when violations occur and use stories that may shine light on items that may be missing in your lease. To RSVP, click this link: Hosted by: Real Property Management Last Frontier
  11. When you hear the words “rental property” what comes to mind? Is it a duplex? A fourplex? The truth is whatever comes to mind you aren’t wrong. In today's market what it looks like to be a rental property isn’t as cut and dry as you might expect. Join us as we talk about the joys and challenges that you can expect with each different type of property. You will hear testimonials from local landlords who own A, B, and C type properties and the different challenges they have had to overcome. Whether you are already an investment owner, or you are planning to become one in the future please join u
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