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  1. I know a couple of dudes. 907-232-2512 if you want to hit me up and I will share the contacts I have.
  2. @Kassandra RPM Alaska I did it last night at your amazing meeting
  3. It takes intestinal fortitude to be a landlord. My goal was to live as "Free" as I can. With the good comes the bad. The best defense I have found is proper screening and being consistent.
  4. More notice the better and a Friendly reminder they will still need to pay the last months rent. Maybe ask them how much notice they need. Sounds like decent tenants.
  5. I would MAYBE do a small rent reduction, but probably not. I think that as long as I take all the necessary steps I am fulfilling my side of the deal. Now I could definitely see a rent reduction if I asked them to use a honey bucket when the toilet is broke and we are waiting on parts.
  6. 30 max. Usually 15 if they haven't responded to a call or text. #gotshittodo
  7. I would mark the corners and nail up a couple "no trespassing" signs if you don't fence it.
  8. I know "they" want us to have a Business License, but I have never ran across anytime that it was asked for. Think about starting a parent LLC in Wyoming and then have that LLC start an AK LLC. It use to be that NV was the place to go, but they have since raised their rates. Just need to find someone you know in WY to be registered agent or have a company in WY be it.
  9. The worst part is dealing with AK housing at first. Have to go through their process and have pass an inspection. Hot water and heat have to function and be up to code (discharge pipe on hot water heater, fire break/barrier on utility room), oven/stove works, and outlets are gfi where required. I have a tenant whose rent is 1300 and AK housing pays 464 bucks a month into my account. Like Kassandra said, run them just like any other prospect.
  10. @Tasa I would just be up front. "Everyone is claiming that it's not their dog, so in 30 days I am changing the house rules and each unit that has a dog I will have a clean up service and that units portion will be due with rent" Cameras might not be in the budget but, maybe just one camera or a game camera.
  11. Dollar to wash and dollar to dry. I have noticed less $ lately. I think they are using the laundry mat.
  12. One thing I messed up once was that I didn't get a home inspection on an older building (70's). Your list pretty much nailed it. I also learned that there is a such thing as "too nice" when remodeling an apartment.
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