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  1. Do you have anything in writing from them stating that they would be out by the 5th? If so, I’d start with a 10 day notice to quit and then begin eviction proceedings. But I’m sure there are others on here who are better versed in this than I am.
  2. I manage properties for another company in Mountain View. I also have my own properties that I manage. I personally would never buy in mountain view. I’ve been managing properties in Mountain View for several years so if you want to talk about it just send me a message.
  3. Back in the day, but not so long ago that things haven't changed, we had an allotment taken out of my husbands pay that went straight towards rent. When our rent increased, I had to pay the difference for almost a year because finance just never got it right changing the amount. Its plausable.
  4. Perhaps you could present this to them for assistance. https://www.alaskahousingrelief.org/
  5. BBFult

    Dog Breed

    I had tenant ‘s dog bite a kid in the face (friends of tenant that they invited over) cost me 3 years in court and finally settled for 200 thousand
  6. BBFult

    Snow Plow

    Can landlords require tenants be responsible for snow removal on a single family residential lease in Alaska? Are there any stipulations concerning removal of snow from roofs, driveway, walkways?
  7. The squatters I had, changed the locks, and I had to go through the whole eviction process with them, although I have never signed any papers with them, and I had no sublet in my contract.
  8. I went through this too when I bought my duplex. Its best to let them go and find a new tenant that you yourself have verified. Keep bothering him about the rent being due.
  9. Notice to quit vs non payment of rent I no longer want to rent to tenant any suggestion please
  10. Just change to assigned parking spots and number the spots. Go to a towing company and get sign saying assigned parking only. When the first tenant parks in the wrong spot tow them. They will stop with the BS.
  11. BBFult


    I’ve been seeing that mentioned in articles about the incoming priorities of the Biden administration. I’d bet on it.
  12. Maybe it's like one of those get one free month kind of deal but it's discounted instead.
  13. Does anybody have experience with Apartments.com as a listing/vacancy management website? They've absorbed Cozy and I'm not sure if I should try that or look further into Buildium or something along those lines. I feel like apartments.com has a pretty wide reach. I need something to quickly list and process vacancies rather than doing each step individually. Thanks! *posted from FB group
  14. A handyman in town (TPS) posted this picture of a paint job done by a tenant. They found the painted wall when they were doing the eviction walkthrough. Tenant did have some paint skills, but bet it is a bugger to paint over! Sherwin Williams did a training class and they said they had a special paint to cover the bold colors. I would try that.
  15. I would just give a larger window and in text updates as you get them.
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