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  1. My husband wanted to do it, not me. We are selling our duplex and keeping the single family because we have long term good tenants in there. It’s definitely not for me and I’m too busy with my full time job and kid to deal with it.
  2. I see all these comments/threads about landlords hating their jobs, stressed out to the max, and at the end of the day, probably still financially struggling. I’m just curious why we still do this if we’re not happy? Serious question. Comment below.
  3. BBFult

    Damage = Crime

    When renters do considerable damage to a property why isn't it considered a crime? What options are there left if we can't recieve help from the police?
  4. BBFult

    It's Business

    I think it’s fair to say that if you own a property that you rent out, you need to make sure you see it as an asset not your home or whatever. Assets can get trashed, incur costs etc. All you need to worry about is how to keep it generating a revenue. I’ve seen so many people who get too emotionally invested with their properties, which means it isn’t a good idea to rent it out!
  5. I too have a young couple out of work but still paying. They get it from someone. One week I had them do work for me and that was cheaper than hiring someone. They pay by the week.
  6. Would a tow company tow it away since it is illegally parked? Then they can do with it what they will. Try to contact the owners or sell it at auction if they don't respond.
  7. BBFult

    Fallen Tree

    A HUGE tree fell from the neighboring landlords house into a chunk of my yard and a bunch of the landlord behind me (diagonal to the trees original home). It seems to have just barely missed the new roof on our detached garage. So no dammage. But now there is an enormous downed tree. And a downed phone line. Anyone deal with this before? Whose mess is this to clean up? Guy who owned the tree? Is it on me for whatever fell on my property? Should I just get insurance involved so it doesn't get weird...but there is no physical damage, so would insurance do anything???
  8. Has anyone dealt with a potential tenant claiming TWO service pets for one person? I have read on the definition of a service dog, the two questions to ask in regard to service pets, and nowhere does it say that one could potentially have two dogs that were both service dogs for one person. We had them do the pet screening application and they didn’t even choose the assistance animal section to begin with.
  9. Follow up to my “overselling themselves” renters..... Per their application their current landlord is in India and unreachable until December. I searched their current address and found a phone number on the old listing and gave it a shot. Their landlord gave them $2k to build a deck (their offer).... no deck has been built, they said they used the money for medical bills, and he had no idea they were leaving!
  10. BBFult

    Insurance Claim

    Why did you call usaa? Homeowners insurance is for disasters. It doesn't cover replacing old stuff. HVACs have a limited life and unfortunately they aren't as long as they used to be. At thirteen years I would replace. We replaced both of ours at an out of pocket cost of about $14000. I'd get another quote or two. But that's probably what you need to budget.
  11. BBFult

    Hidden Damage

    Has anyone bought a house and while doing some upgrades discovered hidden damage and was able to get previous insurance to pay for it?
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