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  1. I thought this was an interesting topic to debate from an economic perspective. When many try to sale at one time - many impacts will happen and maybe many opportunities. https://www.zillow.com/research/silver-tsunami-inventory-boomers-24933/?mod=article_inline
  2. I wish I would of got that book many years ago.
  3. There are a lot of BAD landlords in town and many tenants talk about these landlords. So it is possible they are scared and just want to avoid other issues that might of happened in the past. It is also slightly possible this is just a difficult tenant that has things they are hidding or just want to make sure they get their moneys worth. Just keep a business relationship and stay professional. And be familiar with the rules lol. I had a tenant catch me off guard before. This is why I enjoy the club.
  4. Most people just need to hire a good property management company? Best money I spend every month
  5. It's not considered a crime because possession is 9/10th of the law. If i loan, rent, or lease something to you and it is in your care, essentially it belongs to you until you return it by the agreed date. If the item doesn't get returned, then the only thing that is technically owed is the value of the missing tool or item.
  6. Zillow Payment. Listing, credite check, payment, & everything else. I use zillow.
  7. KarlaH

    It's Business

    Real estate is like a side chick. Love it just enough so you get what you need, but do NOT become too emotionally invested. That's when people get hurt. People will come in, use and abuse the unit and then leave it hanging on one thread or less.
  8. Make the tenant feel sorry for you. Make up some extra reasons like, you're supporting your elderly parents and one of them has organ failure.
  9. What a nightmare! So sorry you're going through this
  10. KarlaH

    Fallen Tree

    I wouldn't file a claim on your insurance. You don't want the hit, it'll raise your insurance even if it wasn't your fault. The owner should take care of it
  11. I'd want to be an "A" landlord but since I'm fixed on the budget I don't hire a PM. I'm also not trying to buy more properties for more headaches. One is enough.
  12. I personally just say no to all animals. The income isn't worth the headache for me.
  13. I would let the tenant know you need a notice in writing. I don’t count anything until I receive written notice. Your wife is correct, they can’t start the notice verbally and keep moving it. It’s official when it’s in writing and doesn’t deviate without your consent after that.
  14. Home was built in 2006 and has had coverage by USAA since then. We contacted USAA after we were informed by our PM that the AC no longer works and replacement will cost $9600. Please read response from the company and advise on how to proceed. "I have spoken to your HVAC technician as well as the Property Managers Technician. They are both consistent with the following.��* This is an old unit�* This unit is not in good shape�* This unit is not large enough for the space��- There is not coverage for normal aging of a product as discussed, Lack of or faulty maintenance or design. Additional
  15. KarlaH

    Hidden Damage

    I have had no such luck, unfortunately.
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