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  1. Contact his chain of command. You will get it situated in a timely manner.
  2. Do you know how I can get his first sergeants contact info? He is an inherited tenant so I don’t think I have his detailed employment information.
  3. We bought a four Plex on November 6th. Very nice military guy lives in one of the units. His November rent was already received by the sellers and transferred to us during the sale. Then in December, he said that the “finance office” had difficulty with transferring things to our name so we didn’t get December‘s rent until January 26th. I was patient because I felt like it was a likely story. He told me they still haven’t figured things out when I asked him about January‘s rent halfway through January. Then in February he said he was just going to “double up” and pay for January and February sometime at the middle of February. I still haven’t seen the money and now he’s late on March as well. What do you suggest I do? I so badly want to believe that he is telling the truth and is working on getting it all fixed but if I am wrong, he is THREE months behind on rent. i’m nervous to serve an eviction notice because I don’t want to create negative rapport if he’s being honest, but how do I verify that the information he is telling us is correct? 4Trish Neal and 3 others 19 Answers Like Comment
  4. KarlaH

    Dog Breed

    charging extra rent can be considered discrimination. It can be looked at like charging extra for little children. I believe that’s the comparable they used in court. My uncle was taken to court for this once, as the landlord, and lost. Really depends on the judge
  5. KarlaH

    Dog Breed

    I love renting to people with dogs. I accept dogs “on approval” and charge extra rent and an increased security deposit. However, I do not rent to people with dogs banned by my insurance carrier.
  6. KarlaH

    Snow Plow

    The only time a landlord has to provide refuse and grounds maintenance is when there are more than 2 units.
  7. You can usually tell within the first 12 hours of putting it up lol. I started higher and come down every week until my inbox starts getting filled up with applications.
  8. Issue a 10 day notice to quit for a violation of lease I.e. they don’t have one. It has become their residence and you have to evict them as you would any other tenant. you have to go through the entire FED. But since they’re not being evicted for nonpayment of rent you can still get a judgment and a writ of assistance
  9. Hard to get blood out of a turnip. Sorry for your misfortune. And tenants wonder why landlords are so hard nosed sometimes.
  10. I assign spots. I put in the lease any vehicles not belonging to the unit are subject to tow at owners expense. Only park in assigned (clearly marked spots).Only had one person with issues. After 2 warnings I blocked their guests car in the 3rd time. They got super pissed because I wouldn't answer the door when they were ready to leave. Made em wait 2 hours. Came out like I didn't notice them banging on my door and was all " oh well ya know I told you several times and I wasnt about to park down the road, you're lucky I was being nice and didnt call a tow truck because that's what'll happen next time".....it never happened again....I do, however think they tried to call one on me. Most tow companies wont tow from a rental unless the owner manager requests it and some require you to establish service with them in advance
  11. KarlaH


    Anyone know if they’re extending the moratorium?
  12. This is a hard time of year to rent vacant units. The incentives aren’t abnormal.
  13. I’ve used Buildium before and it’s more of an enterprise software, appropriate for a larger number of units. I currently have 8 doors and Cozy works well for me. I don’t rely on it for advertising though. It’s free for basic rent collection and the applicant pays for screening services directly to them. *posted from FB private group
  14. I thought this was an interesting topic to debate from an economic perspective. When many try to sale at one time - many impacts will happen and maybe many opportunities. https://www.zillow.com/research/silver-tsunami-inventory-boomers-24933/?mod=article_inline
  15. I wish I would of got that book many years ago.
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