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  1. It is possible to have two or more. I know someone who has two. She has one dog that is primally for everyday, goes to work with her, turns lights on and off, puts things in the trash, picks things up. Then she has another one that is for outdoor activities. Helps her walk and move. The bigger one is mobility and for more independent type stuff. When she’s at work she’s not at as much risk to fall. And isn’t alone if she does have a problem. The smaller one is a little older. She got the second one as her needs expanded.
  2. SLopez

    Rent Due Date

    We have a weird “payment due” date for our rent from our tenants. It’s due on the 8th of the month and late on the 10th... he’s foreign and requested it based on when he’s paid, so no biggie. For the first 6 months he paid electronically. Apparently he was being charged fees and asked if he could mail checks instead. We said that was fine as long as we received them in time to have them post to our account by the 8th. Every month he has sent his payment on time. BUT... here’s where things get funny. I have the USPS mail delivery notification - where I get an email with pictures of what’s going to be in my mailbox that day. Every month, I see the envelope he sends but it is never in my mailbox that day. I’ve had to report it missing 3 times but each time it winds up in my mailbox eventually. The first time, he paid me electronically and I held the check until the following month. I’m wondering why it’s JUST this piece of mail that is continually a problem. I’ve checked the address- it’s correct. It seems fishy. He’s doing everything right- he mailed it Aug 26 and it was pictured and supposed to be in my box Aug 31... still haven’t gotten it. Any insight? Is it because they scan it and see a big check inside?!
  3. SLopez

    Hidden Damage

    That's the "scary" part about buying houses and doing upgrades/renovacations..
  4. SLopez

    Insurance Claim

    Be careful calling USAA from here on out! If you have three inquiries/claims within a certain period they will drop you! Only call them for catastrophic purposes and not small things such as this or you will deeply regret it. Another friend just got dropped and is having a heck of a time finding another company now and will pay lots more once she finds someone. You need s home warranty company (and many of those are shoddy and use inferior parts, hard to get appointments and like to band aid problems) or you start building up a reserve fund that all homeowners should have anyway for emergencies. With an AC unit or your HVAC if you have a home warranty company you probably also have to show these items were serviced regularly so make sure they get one every year or get denied when something goes wrong.
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