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  1. So tenant isn’t paying rent, was laid off in October. Had a good slope job and claims his unemployment ran out. My manager had him sign an affidavit. He’s broken the lease by not paying or even trying to pay. He hasn’t provided proof that he has applied for help. Doesn’t the moratorium only apply to people that haven’t broken the lease that can’t pay? Can I ask for bank statements or letters from the state unemployment office ?
  2. SLopez

    Dog Breed

    What are your thoughts on renting to tenants with "aggressive breed" dogs? Do you require proof of dog training? Insurance? Or is it not worth risking the liability?
  3. SLopez

    Snow Plow

    We have it clearly stated in the lease of the single family house we rent in anchorage that tenants are responsible for all snow removal on sidewalks and in the driveway. I would never have them go on the roof because of the liability if they fall and there’s a good chance they would damage the shingles with the shovel when they are up there. A compromise we had in the past with renting this property is that we hired a company to plow when there was more than 3 inches of snow, and tenants were responsible for less than 3 inches (but less 3 inches people didn’t shovel and just drove o
  4. Trial and error, see what others are advertising for and how long they are advertised, and being a member of this group. RPM has posted some stats before, might search "posts".
  5. Thank you, that was helpful. There is a no subletting clause, from what I understand, but not totally sure. If there was/is a clause, and the person is now in jail, can he secure access and change the locks immediately? Any thoughts after what you went through?
  6. I have no idea. This was in my daughter’s complex. The landlord couldn’t let the police in because the “tenant” had changed the locks. As far as we know, from previous exchanges, there is no subletting allowed.
  7. What are the legal requirements for a landlord to change locks when the people living there were Not his tenants? The lease was to someone else. They were arrested today for assaulting another person there. The locks had been changed so that the landlord could not enter the premises for a wellness check. Can the landlord secure entry for himself, immediately?
  8. Do a final walk through with them if possible and change the locks that day and move on. Hopefully you have the deposit to cover some of your losses
  9. Tenants having issues with assigned parking. there is plenty of parking at my 4 plex. Does "Parking Issue" give them the right to break their 12 month lease ? They have 6 month left. Unit 1 has no cars, 2 cars allowed per unit. Unit 1's son comes to help mom and parks in unit 2's spot. He was told not to and has no right since he is not a tenant. Parking spots were never marked but like we all do, we all park at our usual spot. Well unit 2 is having problems and starting more issues. I went today putting up No Parking signs, numbered and marked 2 parking spots per unit. Als
  10. SLopez


    Yes until end of March at this time.
  11. I can say that I bought my rental where the lower units was 100% tile. It is super easy to clean, but not easy to repair. The unit seems echoy as well. However, we did have a hot water tank go out and flood this unit out twice now. Just had to dry out the walls and were were good to go. During those moments, I was glad to have tile.
  12. I price all mine as affordable as possible until covid is on the way out
  13. I don't know too much yet but dropping the price $700 seems a little abnormal
  14. Buildium requires you to purchase 50units at about 100$-150$ a month as a minimum *posted from fb private group.
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