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  1. I plan to regardless of how this pans out. He was super rude to myself and my PM. And his wife continues to be rude via text and email.
  2. This is the first E-mail I sent them after they sent a bunch of rude texts to me. "Thank you for informing me of the exchange that took place between you and my Property Manager. I have given her a call to discuss the details of the conversation that she was instructed to have with you regarding the move-out process, as Aren and I are increasingly busy this time of year and wanted her to take over more of the day to day duties. Regardless, please know that property managers are often involved in the management of properties everywhere, even small locally owned properties, like ours and th
  3. So 10-days to be out starting now? I believe* I may have said somewhere that they'd have until March 31st (because they already paid march rent) IF they couldn't give me another date. However, they've continued to be rude in our exchanges and now I'm just over. I don't necessarily want to go back on my word though and now give them an eviction notice with less time to be out than I originally said (which was the 31st), because if it goes to court, I don't think a judge would like to see that I "changed my mind" and gave them less time.
  4. Ok please bare with me and all advice is appreciated. My tenants have been the worst and i'm wondering how to proceed. Backstory: Couple has been living in one of my 3-bedrooms in a 4-plex since December. They signed a 6-month lease, ending on May 31st 2021. On February 3rd, the gentleman texted me saying he was giving me 30-day notice to vacate because he had orders to re-locate to Texas (military). I thanked him and reminded him of the expectation to provide a copy of his official orders, so that he was not penalized for breaking the lease early. I also clarified with him at that point
  5. I know of 2 LLs (theyre not on here) that started out in MV but moved onto brighter horizons within 2 years. One "will never own a rental property ever again"; the other, considers it a "had to start somewhere" type deal.
  6. Simple ask him for his first shirts contact information. If it is a finance issue then you talking to his chain of command should get faster results. If he's making things up and won't give you the contact info then do little digging, finding what unit he is with is easy with only a a name, he could have his unit in his social media also. When I was a young airman living in Italy finance messed my BAH up for 3 months and I was paying rent from my base pay which it took both paychecks in the month to get rent paid in full but I was in constant contact with my landlord and I ended up taking
  7. Sounds fishy to me. I’d give him a date to have your money and if he doesn’t do what you have to do. Three months is way too long . If it’s true which I doubt, he can get an emergency loan thru the military .
  8. LynnSmith

    Dog Breed

    “Aggressive breeds” The meanest dogs I’ve ever encountered were labs and chihuahuas. I don’t think those generally fall under what people define as aggressive. The sweetest baby was a pitbull/Bull mastiff mix. Probably on the list. I think the recommendations for insurance suggestions and personal preference goes a long way in this decision. The owner will make the world of a difference in the animals behavior as well, so I’d take that into account.
  9. LynnSmith

    Dog Breed

    with a quick google search, this is a list of aggressive breeds that a lot of insurance companies exclude. I need to contact my insurance and find out if all dogs are covered or not.
  10. LynnSmith

    Dog Breed

    I love renting to people with dogs. I accept dogs “on approval” and charge extra rent and an increased security deposit. However, I do not rent to people with dogs banned by my insurance carrier.
  11. LynnSmith

    Snow Plow

    I always put into a lease. All grass must be maintained by tenant. All grass may not get more than 10" tall or tenant will cover cost to be cut. All snow and ice removal is tenants responsibility. Tenant is responsible for all traction control on the entire property. This is for a single family home.
  12. Demand drives it to some extent as well. I rented a couple units this last fall that I could have rented for much more than I normally ask come to find out. Location I’m finding to be incredibly valuable to tenants. Everyone I talked to said there are beautiful rentals down KGB and outskirts otherwise but, they’re down KGB and the outskirts. Also complained that there are almost, “projects” like fourplexes being built everywhere which is a turn off to most it seems. I had an insane number of people applying to rent my units. I’d say five times more than normal.
  13. This isn’t an easy yes or no answer. If they had permission to live there (from the renter) and have been living there, they May have rights. How long have they been in and what does the lease specify about guests/sublets and occupancy?
  14. This isn’t an easy yes or no answer. If they had permission to live there (from the renter) and have been living there, they May have rights. How long have they been in and what does the lease specify about guests/sublets and occupancy?
  15. Cut your losses and move on. Lesson learned for how you should move forward with your own lease and deposit. Speaking of, did the previous owner give you the deposit? That should cover 2wks rent and utilities, reducing your loss. If he trashed it, consider pursuing. If not, and he actually does move, I’d count blessings and walk away... In the mean time, be super nice, but post notices of default, etc.
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