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  1. Thanks! That's helpful. They're transitioning existing Cozy customers over to apartments.com sometime this year - so the website says. Hopefully it's a smooth transition!
  2. I did file a police report at one point due to damages...they took a hammer and broke through the walls, plugged the sink and tb and let the water run..however police told me I had no proof it was the tenant.....soooo....no action by police.
  3. We use Cozy. I like that Cozy can be the bad guy when it comes to late fees. you just have to set the amount and when it should process in the absence of payment. If they pay on time, there’s no fee. I think Cozy also sends the tenants notifications.
  4. Perfect analogy. @KarlaH
  5. reading all the issues posted in this group was very overwhelming and giving me anxiety. thank u for the reminder...greatly appreciated!
  6. We had this situation, and ended up evicting after several months missed rent. There was a divorce too. 12 year tenants gone. Be careful
  7. Nasty, how do people live like that?! So sorry.
  8. I’d hook that car up to my truck and pull it out to park on the street.
  9. So I have a new one. Had to evict a tenant who did thousands of dollars in damages Not to mention they're huge collection of pet cockroaches, Left Behind a 30 yd container worth of trash inside the property and then abandoned their vehicle on the property. We're in Georgia and I called the police and the police said I have to go down and file a writ of ownership for the vehicle which will cost me $200 to have it removed from my property how absurd is that?
  10. If it was an act of nature that took the tree down, you have a free tree. If the tree was dead and owner neglected to take care of the issue, that owner is liable.
  11. Check with your insurance agent. Each policy has different rules.
  12. We recently moved back to the city where we have our rental. We brought them a new microwave and saw that the house was filthy. Really dirty walls, food debris all over, and the house was jam packed full of stuff. Our property manager just renewed their lease and signed off that they cleaned. When I spoke with the prop manager about having them do a deep clean or pay for someone to do it, he didn’t like the idea because he already signed off. The prop manager didn’t feel it was that bad. We have moved pretty frequently with the AF, and we’ve rented all over. We’ve always had to do a deep move
  13. Tenants gave notice on 8/2 that they would be leaving in October. 60 days put them at 10/1. She said they hoped to be out before the end of the month but she would keep me posted. I messaged a week or so ago and asked for a hard date, and she said they may be in a little longer... our lease says we get 45 days from end of term to do showings/etc. My wife thinks once they provide a move-out date, that should start their 60 day notice instead of notice starting when hw informed me they were leaving. She's concerned they will just keep pushing it back and we won't be able to get the house ready i
  14. Have you spoke with your real estate agent on the options for you? You could also ask for a referral to a laywer and pay for consulting so you know your options as well.
  15. A home warranty would be the route to go to help with replacement cost of house systems. I've only seen it mentioned in here once of how a home insurance company helped with replacement cost of a house system. I wouldn't have gone to a home owner's insurance over this...it'll leave a red flag on your account.
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