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  1. Is it just the two of them? Do you have any other properties that is more affordable you could move them into if one became available? Sounds like even if you reduced their rent to 1400 they may not be able to provide that. I would present a mutual agreement to vacate rather than face eviction. Let them know there’s options that way you can get a tenant in there that can and will pay their full obligation and they can move to a better situation themselves. This is a hard situation!
  2. We are landlords because we decided to find an alternative investment that could benefit us right away, and in the future. We moved from renting into our triplex and lived there for a couple years before moving out into a single family. Our single family was /still is a fixer-upper, which we intended on repairing and leaving but we love toomuch. That’s another story! Ha! But living on site saved us so much money, we were able to buy another home. It will help pay the bills when we retire. Sure there’s headaches! We’ve had abusive renters we’ve had to kick to the curb, chronically late payment
  3. We use cozy. I also have a locked drop box mounted on the stairwell of our property for the old school folks.
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