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  1. Sooooo. This same tenant now shorted us rent, daying she held so much money per day that she had a water issue. No notice to do so or anything. Just picked a number and did. We contacted her asking her why she was short rent and found out that way. No receipts either. I know she is allowed to do so if we are negligent in providing hot water but we responded quickly and she had intermittent hot water, not no hot water, for 4 days. We found an example of the kind of notice she has to serve us with if she wants to go about that but she neglected to do so. Any links or documents we can use to cover our own butts? Thank you.
  2. We told her we would accompany him there when we heard she was no longer home and she said she wasn't confortable with us in the home when she isnt there. Is that a thing? I was offended, we rescheduled, im just learning for future reference at this point. We are new to landlording.
  3. @BBFult we sent a text and called, both. She is a picky tenant and has refused technicians that we did not accompany, that we have called out for her. What do we do if the technician is late? Just give a broader range for time?
  4. Its not an emergency. This tenant complains of intermittent hot water and there have been times the water pressure was non-exsistent because the hot water heater needs a filter. Not sure if not having hot water is an emergency. We are new to being landlords We gave 24 hours notice to enter the property and stated what time the appointment was scheduled for. We have rescheduled the appointment for Friday. So i will use the one you provided and try again.
  5. We gave the tenant 24 hours notice that a plumber would be coming out because the hot water heater needs a filter and the tenant complains the hot water is intermittent. The plumber was 2 hours late because his previous job took longer than expected and now she is sahing we cant go in. What are the laws for this?
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