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  1. Hmm...interesting. If it was something I'd be dealing with, and the management company was local to me (or even, come to think of it, in another state), I'd be making a very personal visit to their office for a very personal discussion on this. More than likely that would be followed up with a certified letter explaining some things to them, possibly followed up by an interesting letter from my lawyer. I suppose there is a possibility that your tenant has signed some paperwork with the management company, and within that paperwork is some clause that they will not disclose personal information to anyone. In any case, main thing is you need to notify the management company of the termination of your relationship with them. If they're a shady operation, do it in writing and in some kind of legal notification - like a certified letter. If it's a serious issue with them, have your lawyer send them a letter terminating your business relationship. Then again, I haven't had enough coffee this morning, I'm not a legal expert, and my opinions are worth what you paid for them, LOL. Good luck with this, I'd be interested in hearing the outcome. Not to mention who the management company is.
  2. The lease documents I've done are usually sourced from the 'net, with some additions that I'll add in myself. With that being said, I have only a little bit of knowledge about Alaska specific rental/lease issues, which is why I'm on this forum. My experience is from forty years of running rental properties in Southern California, always single family homes. I've recently escaped from that hellhole and I'm looking at getting back into the landlord business up here now. When the laws down there would go through a large change, or multiple laws would start popping up - rent control issues and such, I'd often have a lawyer take a quick look over the lease documents to see if I'd missed anything. That would usually happen every few years, and it was pretty rare that I'd have to add some clause or missed information into the document. Anyway, good luck with it, I'm sure it'll work out.
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