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  1. Hi there,

    I am a relatively new landlord. We have owned a few 4 plexes for a few years but recently picked up a larger property with  many units. Based on the condition of our other properties I have not had to complete a lot of rehabs. With this new property the units are all circa 1985 and as they turn I am going to refresh them. I am looking for recommendations on the best type of laminate or hard type of flooring. We are looking for the most durable to try and reduce how often we replace. Any recommendations here?

    Also, as a individual landlord (not a contractor) are there any recommendations on the best way to be buying bulk materials? We plan to upgrade all units with the same colors/materials, ect. Also will be purchasing appliances on an ongoing basis and want the best possible pricing. Should I just work through a contractor that may have vendor accounts already or try and set these up myself? 

  2. We recently purchased a 27 unit complex. We are considering bringing on an on-site handyman /manager that can keep an eye on the property and conduct a base level of simple maintenance/repair and show units. We are thinking of giving them a unit or discounted unit as comp. Anyone have experience with this worth sharing? 

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