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  1. we tried to contact our previous tenants military supervisor and was told they no longer deal with civil stuff
  2. At this point, 31 May is pretty close. I’d simply ignore the previous letter from them and continue to expect rent. Rack up late fees if necessary. Since they never provided proof of either PCS or deployment, they’re still liable until they move out AND you’ve re-rented the unit, up until the end of their lease — whichever comes first. Don’t play their game or get upset. Just let this play out and then keep their deposit to cover the accrued costs.
  3. if you simply ask him and he's got an honest story to back him up then he will give it to you freely. If he makes excuses or drags his feet about getting you that simple contact info that every member should already have on them at all times then you have your answer with the first concern. Worst case you can always stop at the visitors center near the front gate with his lease/any other personal info he has provided for both Elmendorf or Fort Rich depending on his branch and ask the customer service desk for said info.
  4. Agree 100% been there done that and the finance office will look at you like you have gone crazy. I would call Army finance and ask them if they can confirm or deny because you are getting ready to serve eviction notice. Then I would also call his command. If his story is right then having his commander light some fire under finances butt will help your renter. If not then you have your answer.
  5. It’s BS. He doesn’t transfer anything into your name. He receives Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) once a month. It is deposited into whatever account he’s setup for his base pay to be deposited right along with other allocations. Unfortunately it’s not like the old days where you could get their First Shirt involved and they square it up. I’d evict ASAP. I dealt with an Army couple that was terrible. Still my worst tenants to date.
  6. Chris Bend

    Dog Breed

    I asked the question cause you’re walking on thin ice with that one, i wouldn’t tell a perspective tenant a rejection had to do with a type of dog, for that matter I’ve seen a golden retriever, one of the most docile breeds known to man try to bite a kids head off, I’ve also known a pit bull that you that was soft as butter and would sooner give up its life than bite a soul.
  7. Chris Bend

    Dog Breed

    An added thought -- Define “aggressive breed”
  8. Chris Bend

    Dog Breed

    Check with your insurance provider. They may deny insurance with certain breeds of dogs.
  9. Chris Bend

    Snow Plow

    Yes, my lease states that the tenant must maintain the grounds. Their insurance policy also says the walkways have to be free of ice. When I interview people I make it very clear that the benefit of renting a single-family house is that they get the privacy of a house without all of the major upkeep but they have to do the day-to-day upkeep. That is why most people want to rent a house.
  10. How’s everyone finding realistic rent rates?
  11. Been a landlord for a week, already having issues with a tenant. The tenant was informed by pervious owner his lease would not continue next month 30 days before March 1st. His year long lease expired in June of 2020 which was now on a month to month but nothing in writing. I called the tenant after closing to inform him his rent for Feb. would be due to me and he was upset I was not renewing the lease. I told him I'm sorry for not being able to give him more notice but we will not be continuing the lease. He then texted me today stating he has found a new place and will be moving out next week, mid month. As of now he has not paid Feb. rent, which is due today on the 5th. On top of this I was originally told the utilities of gas and electricity were in the tenants name. But the tenant also text me photos of shut off notices. I called I have switched the utilities in my name since I do not want the heat to shut off. They informed me that pervious owner was paying utilities since last Oct. I am not sure how to continue and think I should get lawyer involved now. I do have this tenants security deposit. Any suggestions?
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