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Found 2 results

  1. I am looking at some security systems and I am wondering what you all have found to be the most effective. More specifically I am looking at something similar to Simply Safe which from my understanding has a moderately priced monthly fee, is portable and can operate without a phone line or internet. Has anyone tried these systems up here and had good/bad experiences with them? I am wanting it to monitor job sites and construction projects around town and the valley as needed. Thanks
  2. Ben Persinger

    Sump/highwater alarm

    I have a place that is somewhat susceptible to flooding if a sump breaks down during a particularly bad breakup or storm. What I want is a water backup alarm that will call or text me if it fails. There are a bunch of them out there but most rely on wifi or some other internet/phone connection. I have heard there are some systems that you can pay a small annual fee for data and it uses the cellular networks to text you. Have any of you used one of these systems? Good? Bad?

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