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  1. We bought a four Plex on November 6th. Very nice military guy lives in one of the units. His November rent was already received by the sellers and transferred to us during the sale. Then in December, he said that the “finance office” had difficulty with transferring things to our name so we didn’t get December‘s rent until January 26th. I was patient because I felt like it was a likely story. He told me they still haven’t figured things out when I asked him about January‘s rent halfway through January. Then in February he said he was just going to “double up” and pay for January and February sometime at the middle of February. I still haven’t seen the money and now he’s late on March as well. What do you suggest I do? I so badly want to believe that he is telling the truth and is working on getting it all fixed but if I am wrong, he is THREE months behind on rent. i’m nervous to serve an eviction notice because I don’t want to create negative rapport if he’s being honest, but how do I verify that the information he is telling us is correct? 4Trish Neal and 3 others 19 Answers Like Comment
  2. My son and his wife were looking for an apartment this week. They looked at several places. Rent ranging from $1400-1700 online. Each place in person started negotiating the amount. The apt they like settled on a 1 yrs lease at $1k a month. It was listed for $1,700. What is happening? Is it that hard to find good tenants?
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