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What to do when tenants stop paying


Kassandra RPM Alaska
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So your tenants got behind on rent. They've got a really good excuse though right? This isn't like last time see . This time it's because their brother's cousin's third nephew thrice removed had a bad reaction to a tetanus shot......and that's why they can't pay rent. Think of this class as a First Aid/CPR course for landlords. We'll teach you how to handle things you hope don't happen. Nobody wants their buddy to have a heart attack, but it's sure nice to know what to do when it happens.

- What sort of documentation should you get started early?
- What options are there to hopefully prevent the eviction early, still get paid, and cover your bases if things go wrong?
- What are the step by step procedures to go through an eviction process and make sure you win in court the first time?
- Are there alternatives to evictions?
- How does subsidized housing play into all this?

As always, admission is free!  Meet other investors, vendors, and landlords in a sales pitch free environment. Be sure to check out "The Landlords Almanac" forum at TheLandlordsAlmanac.com to ask questions and learn from your peers.

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