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I had a tenant move out without notice mid month. I am not the owner I just help manage the place for them.

She said she left because of bf issues. He was living with her but was never on the lease. Her name was on the lease, month to month, He said he would have rent to cover but never did and gave a text notice on the 20th for 30 days. Neither party ever paid now wants a prorated rent for 20 days for the current month. I'm not obligated to prorate her rent, correct?  I believe she is responsible for the full month. Correct? 

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The 30 day notice on the 20th is not a proper 30 day notice because it was not given on the 1st which I am assuming was their rental due date.  They are not going to pay you no matter what you do. Give 7 day eviction notice for non payment of rent.  Get rid of them then clean the unit and rerent the it. 

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