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I've seen articles to this effect as well.  I was in a sales agent class the other day and was blown away that while the instructor fully recognized that Gen X and Millenials weren't buying the McMansion anymore, she was also adamant that we keep building them.  "I don't know how they're going to sell them" she said under her breath.  It was pretty eye opening to see how little the builders and their accomplices in RE sales just don't give two sh_ts about the larger picture so long as they're cashing checks.

The larger issue I see, which can be an opportunity as well, is that as demand for homes decreases so will prices.  The opportunity to pick up homes "on the cheap" may emerge but who knows how cheap they'll be relative to the current market as things progress.  As they rightly state in the article, if there's an excess of supply relative to demand, they may not be cheap enough because rents will reflect the lack of demand as well.

Good article! 

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