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  • Is there a place to post terrible tenants to save other landlords future hassle?

Is there a place to post terrible tenants to save other landlords future hassle?


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I know all landlords must do their do diligence to screen a tenant but I feel like some tenants are good at slipping through the cracks. It would be nice if a list was made of tenants that you should be be made aware of. I have a lady I had to evict recently that Is an extremely good liar. I feel other landlords should be warned about her. She destroyed my unit intentionally. She is the definition of crazy. I will be taking her to court but before that is on her record she probably already has a place or is about to and I feel so bad for whoever rents to her. 

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How can you make money by Flipping Houses

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After a while in the rental property business, you'll come across a tenant who is upset about something and decides to take it out on you and your property. Maybe they lost their job, have a personal issue, or don't want to pay a rent rise when their lease expires.

Hopefully, this will never happen to you. But, if a renter destroys your property, follow these five actions (known as the IDETD System) to preserve your property and your landlord rights:

1. Recognize:
Determine the general issue and the extent of the damage to ensure that the tenant is harming your property.

2. Documents:

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to documenting tenant-caused damage to your property.

3. Estimate:

The expense of fixing damage caused by the renter can quickly pile up, especially if the task requires the services of a licensed contractor rather than a handyman.

4. Talk:

At this phase, you've determined the source of the damage, documented the work that needs to be done using images and videos, and gotten reasonable repair estimates.

5. Deduct:

You collected a security deposit when the tenant moved in. One of the reasons for the deposit is to ensure that you have enough funds to cover damage caused by the tenant that goes beyond typical wear and tear.

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  • Is there a place to post terrible tenants to save other landlords future hassle?
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