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I just got a call from my tenant and she is asking me to change out the flooring in my living room because her kids are falling hard and getting hurt. The floor in the living room is laminate flooring. She is essentially asking me to carpet the hallway and living room. I told her she could buy an area rug, but I don't think I should have to do anything. One other option I thought about was using her security deposit to buy an area rug, but I'm not even sure if I could do that. Thoughts? Have you had this situation before? She is 4 months into her one year lease and her kids are both under 3 years old.

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Hey Brie, 

I am not an attorney, but Inwould say that since she signed the lease knowing exactly what the place looks like and the type of flooring it is on her. I think you were good to suggest the area carpet, but do not buy her one out of her deposit.  You could also reccomend gripped socks for her kids, or that she not let them run around the house in the first place. Prob not that last one, she might not like it very much haha.

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