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Has anyone dealt with a potential tenant claiming TWO service pets for one person? 

I have read on the definition of a service dog, the two questions to ask in regard to service pets, and nowhere does it say that one could potentially have two dogs that were both service dogs for one person. 

We had them do the pet screening application and they didn’t even choose the assistance animal section to begin with.

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It is possible to have two or more. I know someone who has two. She has one dog that is primally for everyday, goes to work with her, turns lights on and off, puts things in the trash, picks things up. Then she has another one that is for outdoor activities. Helps her walk and move. The bigger one is mobility and for more independent type stuff. When she’s at work she’s not at as much risk to fall. And isn’t alone if she does have a problem. The smaller one is a little older. She got the second one as her needs expanded.

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