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Prospective Tenant Questions

Kassandra RPM Alaska

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A post from a TLA memebr:

Good morning. I have a couple of questions I to ask TLA. We are currently trying to rent a unit and I got an inquiry today that seems a little strange. The person first asked what the requirements were for renting and then asked if we privately owned or if it was a real estate agency. Then he asked if it was private. He also said his family is currently couch surfing. Are these red flags to you? I searched on courtview but didn’t find anything.

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I wonder what their angle is in inquiring as to whether you are a private landlord or an established business entity? My Spidey sense goes off in this being a professional renter seeking their next property owner to take advantage of. What other background checks have you ran on these prospects? Have they filled out an application? If so, do they meet your criteria as renters?

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I like what @Realtor Matt Miller Said on another section ....it is a "pink" concern rather than a red concern.  I think some tenants perfer being with a private landlord because they can talk directly to that landlord...sometimes at all hours....some tenants also like to feel they are more in control by providing detailed conversations.  However, most landlords don't want to be available at all hours or hear the on and on and on stories that are told to them.  So personal preference could be the case.  Usually - you'll find the story in the credit reprots.

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