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Current State with Rents in AK

Kassandra RPM Alaska

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Hello- Getting a lot of questions on evictions so I'll try to answer them here 

1 - It appears at the moment the new CDC order has Non-payment evictions thru March. There are lots of talks till Sept-Dec. I anticipate this to go to the end of the year.

2 - YES you can evict for lease violations and not leaving on a 30 day notice. There are special steps you'll want to follow to ensure a clean file. I have seen Judge not give the order because the form was slightly wrong.

3 - Eviction costs are $500-$1,500 depending on the lawyer, issues in court, how far you go in the system, etc....My recommendation - Talk to your tenant, help them apply for relief.

4- There are more funds heading this way and there are still some buckets of cash in the Landlord Relief Fund with United Way. Yes, Some tenants can get up to 15 months of rent relief. AHFC is working out the details, when I get the information I will share it with the group.

5 - I have already sent a letter to many people asking them to allow landlord/property managers to be able to accept more than 2 months of pre-paid rents rent-relief funds. If you can write a letter it might assist (See law Sec. 34.03.070. Security deposits and prepaid rent)

6- No you can't start turning off services to "bully a tenant" into paying rent.

7 - Yes you can charge fees, fines, whatever else is on your lease - if it is said on your lease. Just make sure your fees are not in retaliation and profitable per case law (Long story, writing short version here)

8- Yes, Tenants are still moving and we are finding qualified tenants. We already rented properties every other day in January thus far. My request - SCREEN! not just on courtview.

Happy Landlording in the 21st Century

Broker in Charge - Real Property Management Last Frontier


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