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Eviction Rules unconstitutional

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Link to the news"  https://www.adn.com/nation-world/2021/05/05/federal-judge-vacates-cdcs-nationwide-moratorium-on-renter-evictions/"


Lawyer Response:

A lawyer that has provided a statement that I could share their statement on the announcement. They said it was okay to call them for your situation.


Landlords, property managers, and interested people,

A federal judge of the D.C. District Court has vacated the nationwide CDC Moratorium. It is very likely that this decision will be appealed. Once the order is appealed, the appellate level court will have the opportunity to “stay” the lower judge’s order. Such a decision will essentially return us to the status quo from a few days ago. However, until that Stay is granted, the CDC moratorium is effectively ended.

Before shifting gears and requesting court dates be rescheduled, I recommend waiting until next to see if the appeal is filed and the stay automatically granted. This may save time and expense of doing the same work twice.

I will be monitoring the events independently, but please feel free to reach out if you are made aware of any further orders that are issued regarding this moratorium.

To read the entire order of the judge, please see the attached document.

Best regards,

Brian Riekkola

North Star Law Group

+1 (907) 205-4434

Alaska Bar No. 1406062



This e-mail is meant only for the intended recipient and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you have received this in error, please notify us immediately by replying to this message and delete it and any attachments from your computer. Thank you. Any unauthorized dissemination, disclosure, distribution or use of the information contained in this e-mail or any attachments is prohibited. This transmission shall not be construed to: (a) provide legal advice to anyone other than an existing client, (b) create an attorney-client relationship, or (c) include a digital or electronic signature.

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