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What do fo after giving 30day notice to vacate.


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I have a tenants, boyfriend and girlfriend, whos lease has been up and has been a month to month renter for a while now. Past couple of month has been very difficult to collect rent from them, but I have been working with them cause they have a smile child. They were again late for the month of November, we communicate mostly hy text but I did give them the 10day notice to pay or vacate. The due date came and I knocked in the afternoon, I also live in the 4plex, and let the girlfriend know that the due date was that day and needed the rent, she said she would being it down to me. My parents and I were getting ready to fly out on a 6am flight so we were busy and forgot to go back to knock again. These tenants have to be reminded all the time about rent. We ended up leaving on the 6am flight. The following Wednesday I knocked on their door cause I saw they they were both home. Like always they didnt answer. So I called and texted both persons. I went back up an hour later and knocked again some more and still no answer. When i got back down to my unit the girlfriend sends me a text saying "you will get your rent on friday". Next part I probably should have kept my cool but i texted her back and told her to answer the door cause I wanted to speak to her in person. I went back up and knocked and could hear them so I just started banging on the door. All she had to say was you will get your rent on friday and thats it we dont have the money we had to use it on something else. I had to go to work in a hour and didnt have the time to deal with them so I demanded a time which they would bring rent and they said 6pm. I said fine and went back to my unit and wrote up a notice giving them 30day to vacate. In the notice i mentioned the late rent for November and gave them the prorated rent for December.

If they do not vacate by end of 30days what is my next step?

They were initially given the 10days and they didnt pay on the due date or vacate. I gave them the 30days after which I dont think i necessarily had to do cause the 10day notice was given but I did. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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