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New Investor Question


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General Question for the Landlords (or any Property Managers) here:

I have a property available, and I've had a few Realtors call, and ask if I am willing to work with Realtors, and also, whether I'd be willing to provide a commission of about 40% of the first month's rent (she claimed that such is the going rate, although I have no way of verifying that).

Thoughts? Do any of you do this?


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I would love to see some other people's responses on this one. I haven't received many of those calls from realtors on my properties. Without all the details on what they are offering I would be a little skeptical. I would definitely talk with them though if they said they had a quality candidate. At that rate you are not too far away from a property manager placement service so I would want to see how they screened the tenant, if they are handling showings, lease signings etc. 

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