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Kitchen Sink Pipe Back Up

Kassandra RPM Alaska

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I thought this letter was written wonderfully by our Service Department that I had to share.

In short - A work order for water back up in kitchen sink - Found out it was the grease that shouldn't have been put into the sink - Tenant challenged the back bill - and Here was the response...

We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding this. After further review on your file, we have a report from the vendor regarding the extent of the work that was performed on your kitchen sink. A small snake was used (25 ft.) which is not considered as "too far down the drain line" to be deemed as previously existing. In addition to that, the grease itself was found on the P-Trap (see the attached image). P-Traps are the curvy pipes that are directly underneath the sink. 

Generally speaking, if the grease was also a bit older, it would show a distinctive darker color. Unfortunately, the report on your sink showed a light colored grease indicating that this is a newer/fresher one. This is part of the reason why we have not just move in and move out reviews, we also work with owners in getting mid-lease review of the property or what they call the preventative care review (it could be bi-annual or every quarter-depending on the owner), but to ensure these things (especially drains) are caught prior before it progress. All the reviews in that property reported that the drains were all clear. 

All the reviews on your property/unit showed the drains are clear. Please know that this is not a mere reflection of your poor care of the property, being neglectful, or anything in that regard. In some cases, as much as we try to be mindful of the greases and keeping it away from the drain, little oils here and there from dishes can also accumulate overtime. One of the ways to help clear your drain (aside from doing our best to get any kind of oil or fat down the drain) is to regularly pour down a mixture of hot water, vinegar and baking soda (you can also add lemon if you'd like). This has been found to be very helpful and also removes smell as well. 

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