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Emotionally draining eviction

Kassandra RPM Alaska

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By Eric-

I started my Friday by evicting a single mother, who wouldn't abide by the payment plan she agreed to, thinking she was buying herself additional time by shorting her last installment by less than $200.  When she answered her door to see the sheriff's deputy standing there, and me peeking around the corner, "I've got your money right here and the city was going to be paying November rent!  I had no way to bring it to you!" (no, she didn't have any money to give me.)  Me to the Deputy: "Nope, she's out."  It wasn't pleasant for me to see her pack up a couple of bags, then end up wailing loudly in the street as my handyman swapped out the locks, later cursing at me when I told her she wouldn't have a chance to move-out all her belongings.  But, she had her chance to make it right, but chose to ignore the terms to which she agreed.

I've done less than 10 full evictions in my career, but this is probably the hardest one I've had to endure.  I'm glad this morning's appointment didn't take more than an hour to get done, and that my trash-out crew did a fantastic job getting all her stuff moved out.


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