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I'm curious where/how most folks get their leases from? I recently purchased my first building with inherited tenants but about to list one of the units now that it's finished with the rehab. 


I've done house hacking for years but this my first 4plex. 



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The lease documents I've done are usually sourced from the 'net, with some additions that I'll add in myself.  With that being said, I have only a little bit of knowledge about Alaska specific rental/lease issues, which is why I'm on this forum. My experience is from forty years of running rental properties in Southern California, always single family homes. I've recently escaped from that hellhole and I'm looking at getting back into the landlord business up here now. 

When the laws down there would go through a large change, or multiple laws would start popping up - rent control issues and such, I'd often have a lawyer take a quick look over the lease documents to see if I'd missed anything. That would usually happen every few years, and it was pretty rare that I'd have to add some clause or missed information into the document.

Anyway, good luck with it, I'm sure it'll work out.

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Thanks for the reply sir. Don't blame you for wanting to get out of there! 

I ended up taking the lease I inherited and just modified it quite a bit. I believe the previous owner obtained this lease from Weidner as she used to work for them but there was a lot in there that wasn't applicable. 

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@Dan Google, and Forums will help generate ideas for a lease document.  Just know you have the "lease" then you have the addendums to the lease. Example is Pet or Lead base paint or house/parking/community rules.

You can also purchase the lease and documents needed in the store. This will save you a lot of time and it has been tested in court.  It has the bed bug clause and more in it.   All money generated on this website pays directly to the club and keeps classes and forums going. There isn't any profit in this club adventure  :)  So purchases help keep the club free and alive.

TLA website / Store / Pre-Lease / Alaska Lease

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