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Kassandra RPM Alaska

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"Smarter investors work hard up front to find the good areas where the rents provide a nice positive cash flow and investment returns, low crime rates, better schools, and decent amenities nearby like parks or retail. Coupled with good tenants who have excellent credit, you also create low vacancy rates."

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Sound words. Having a pulse on the current muni/state trend and cycle can keep you ahead of the market. Good investors set their chess pieces early enough and take advantage at the right time. You might look crazy at first but seem like a psychic later. Combine Knowledge+Timing+Intuition+Risk Tollerance; investors have a knack of being spot on this formula. Some call it luck!

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Excellent points! Planning long term and and buying right are essential. I am sure some disagree with me and it depends on your strategy but buying places that are have the potential to be nice enough that I would be okay with me or my family living there is a major thing in my book. Worst house in a nice neighborhood concept. It allows for forced appreciation and good quality tenants. 

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