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I have two tenants on a lease a married couple. They are singed in for a year which carries through June. One of them is giving me notice. The other one wants to stay(I don’t want her too because she is a pain in my butt for a number of reasons). I’m now being informed that the one leaving is going due to a restraining order and can no longer live there. Legally does this still void the contract or do I have to allow her to stay there? Any help or advice in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm no attorney but if any of the parties to a contract wants to enforce the contract, they can.  A one year contract is for one year unless they violate it somehow.  So as long as one of the parties is paying the full amount every month they get to stay.  Be professional and abide by your commitments, learn from the challenge and be wiser the next time.

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